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Thanks For An Excellent Review! We Have The Best Customers

Bryan came to my house. He was right on time. He was most pleasant. He was clean -- didn't make a mess, as some plumbers are known to do. I just wish I had known about All Plumbing when both of my toilets needed to be fixed. I will definitely ask for Bryan in the future. I plan to recommend All Plumbing (especially Bryan) to all of my neighbors. Thank you All Plumbing!

Brenda Brenda March 22, 2011

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Another 5 Star Review For All Plumbing, Inc.

I would recommend All Plumbing, I have used them in my restaurants and at my home. Always prompt and respectful to my customers. They always clean after themselves and are in and out as fast as possible.
I have used them from toilet plunging, to new hot water heaters, to hydro jetting our main line. When they dug up our sidewalk to repair our line the owner himself came out to make sure the cement work was up to par.
Customer service seems to be their #1 goal.

Justin Justin March 30, 2011

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Fantastic Five Star Review!

I use all plumbing for my 2 restaurants and for my house. They have done everything from simple toilet snaking to installing a new hot water heater to digging up our sidewalk to repair a drain problem to hydro jetting our main drain. I find them responsible, timely and knowledgeable.

David T. David T. March 30, 2011

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5 Star Yelp Review

As a Property Manager one main objective serves true; efficiency and reliability. I've contracted and work with All Plumbing for over three years, and I must say that this is the most reputable and faithful company I have ever worked with. I have over 6 years experience in this field of work and I must say that so far in my career I have yet to interact with a company that is as reliable, efficient, economical and effective as All Plumbing. You are not only treated as a valued customer but as a close relative, they truly make you feel right "at home" with all they have to offer. All plumbing is the ONLY Company I contract to handle all my plumbing, piping and cosmetic needs. Yes, they also have a cosmetic department equipped to handle the smallest of plaster repairs, to the largest of entire unit renovations. The workers get to know you by name and you become a collogue and not just a "job". I truly could go on and on about the fantastic things this company has done for me and my organization, as an upscale condominium complex located in the heart of Rosslyn, we definitely rely on professionalism and "neatness" when it comes to repairs in the building. It is my sincere honor to have such a relationship with this company, and I hope that if you are looking for a plumbing, painting, cosmetic repair company, that you too will choose All Plumbing and "Join the Family."

- A very pleased and satisfied Property Manager, River Place Housing Incorporated.

Property M. Property M. March 31, 2011

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Thanks For The 5 Star Review on SuperPages!

Did a great job on my condo bathroom when the tub leaked. They did not only the plumbing work but also the tiling. Great one stop shopping.

Guest03264 Guest03264 April 25, 2011

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I have used All Plumbing for several projects for my home. They came back to replace outside spigots that they originally installed, which did not hold up. I requested commercial models, and the installer installed them professionally, plus I got a discount for being repeat customer. The installer also reviwed the installation with me beforehand, so we could confirm the proper placement. Overall I have been happy with their work, and they tend to have better pricing than most.

Andrew S. Andrew S. June 6, 2011

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Review on Customer Lobby

Mike did an excellent job with the bathroom faucet. My mother was impressed with him the first time he came and wants to use him always as her plumber.

Emma A. Emma A. July 6, 2011

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Review on Yelp

i had a whole house pipe replacement. They were clean and polite. I have young kids. So keeping the place clean is very important. They put down drop cloths and sweep each day being that this process took three day. They are the best out there and have good pricing. The only plumber that will be in my house from this point on.

lizzie g. lizzie g. July 10, 2011

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I Needed Someone Really Honest

"People, remember the name Kabir Shafik, a Master Plumber and Project Manager in this outfit I emailed! ! When my father received an abnormally high water bill, I needed someone really honest to check the water meter. Kabir came right over and told me the water meter needle was not moving that much. He said he would check the toilets. When he did, he recommended replacing the old fixtures with a more water-conserving model. Kabir sent Bryan over the very next morning before I had to leave to go to an appointment. Bryan single-handedly replaced both toilets in less than a couple of hours. I was even able to get the Invoice signed and paid before departing the house. Later when I returned home, the new toilets were working and looking good, except for one small detail; the seats wouldn't stay up when you need them to. I texted Kabir and he told me they would get me 2 new seats. Sure enough, Bryan returned the next morning with the 2 seats, installed them and AT NO COST! Because I am deaf, I needed to communicate using email or text, and Kabir had no problem with that accommodation. I felt so good after this experience that I simply had to recommend All Plumbing on Yelp! Believe me, I tell people looking for a plumber to call All Plumbing, because I am very satisfied with their professional and efficient manner plus their problem-solving abilities."

Kristine B. Kristine B. October 21, 2011

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Impressed Me Beyond Belief

"It is hard to know who is reliable and whom you should trust/listen to. I was impressed with my experience with All Plumbing. I was in the market for a tankless water heater and coincidently, my pilot light went out on my heat pump. Kabir came to my house and evaluated my space and set up. He let me know that since I have an electric water heater (which is in good condition) it would not be adviseable to transition to a tankless water heater as I would lose water volume and utlimately would spend more to heat the water. He asked me why I was looking for tankless and gave me several alternatives that could be workable (which I am now considering). When looking at my furnace, he immediately let me know that there was a specialty item that would be best served by a heating and air person and recommended someone for the job. The most shocking part is he didn't charge me anything for the call. Spending time collaborating with me on my remodeling ideas is one thing, but to do it for free and to give an honest and candid recommendation (specifically one in which he makes no money) impressed me beyond belief."

Jacquie M. Jacquie M. October 24, 2011

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Knowledgeable and Friendly

"Called after 9 am and they came the same day about 12:30 which was wonderful! (They had said between 12 and 2.) Lissandro fixed the problems in two minutes flat; he was knowledgeable and friendly and I will definitely be calling them again - to install a new showerhead I want - or anytime I have a plumbing situation. Price was very reasonable. Highly recommend."

Donna Cluny Donna Cluny October 27, 2011

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The Best Price of 4 Contractors

I used All Plumbing to replace my main water line that runs from my townhouse, to the city's main water line. They easily had the best price of 4 contractors, and completed the work within 3 days, including the weekend. The weather was horrible, but that didn't stop them from performing outstanding work. They also worked closely with my insurance company to ensure my claim was handled properly. Additionally, I had All Plumbing remodel my hall bathroom, bathtub. I had 3 contractors provide quotes, with All Plumbing being the cheapest. They started work immediately and were finished in 2.5 days. They took the time to explain everything to me, and clean up after themselves. Futhermore, they took the time to lay down rugs to protect my hardwood floors from the dirt and grime. I will definitely use All Plumbing for all of my future plumbing needs. I highly recommend them as they have been nothing short of spectacular for all of my plumbing requirements.

James T. James T. November 3, 2011

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Affordable Price

Great company! They repaired the water main in my home and completed the job in a timely manner. The employees were very polite and kind as I was asking many questions. The best part was the affordable price.

Rose Rose November 15, 2011

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Simply The Best

Simply the best plumbing experience I have ever had. I'm a condo owner in Courthouse Arlington. I have one of those small washer/dryer closets that make every technician want to turn and run. Water was dripping from the washer connect at a rate of about a gallon every hour. The other guys who I had spent thousands buying the Boche Units, Bray and Scarff, responded like I was trying to schedule plastic surgery and suggested an appointment next spring (More on B and S later). I called All Plumbing after hours, talked to an answering service, and received a call back in minutes from Freddy. Freddy listened to the problem, suggested steps that I could take to mitigate the issue until the next morning, and gave me a time when their technician could meet with me and the building engineer to compare notes and plan their attack. Shakir from All Plumbing arrived in a SWAT truck and was sitting at the curb 15 minutes early after calling me 30 minutes previously so I wouldn't have to sit around for hours burning vacation time from work. Shakir entered my condo and immediately began taking off the door to the closet and carefully removing the washer unit from the cramped space insuring no damage was done to my kitchen tile. Over the next hour Shakir replaced both shut off valves installing new washer-less cold and hot spigots that looked like something from a nuclear reactor or the space shuttle. He understood that I wanted this job done right and never wanted to have to do it again. After using a torch and some solder and cleaning up real nice he replaced the unit, re-attached the bifold door making all the adjustments necessary to ensure he hung it like he found it, and wrote me the bill which was around USD 300.00. Now this may seem a lot of money to those who would rather deal with "professionals" like those from Bray and Scary but you get what you pay for. What sealed the deal on my opinion was when Shakir apologized for my experience with the Bray and Scary technicians and reminded me that either you are a plumber or you are not a plumber and he was a plumber. He then left me with this gem "You know the other guys had the hot water hose connected to the cold water connect." I'd call this priceless but it wasn't of course. The Bray and Scary wreaking crew caused a leak during a repair, denied the leak, and reversed the reattachment of hoses for USD 220. Shakir left with a nice tip, the amount of which I will not disclose and the manager of All Plumbing now has this stellar review to set the record straight that All Plumbing in Arlington is the only place I will ever recommend for plumbing services.

November 16, 2011

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Courteous, Professional

True to his word, Kabir, the project manager who visited my home to assess and estimate the project, the All Plumbing, Inc. crew took good care of us. The first two gentlemen performed the actual plumbing job, and then another two completed the concrete patchwork. All four workers were courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and very tidy; couldn't even tell that they had been here for 8 hours. Not only was the job done well, but it came in under budget, too! How often does THAT happen!?!? Thank you, All Plumbing... you have our reference for sure. The Fischers Springfield, VA 6321 Hibbling Avenue

November 28, 2011

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Respectful to Me and Towards My House

"I had been having issues with my garbage disposal, as it was making funky noises, and not working properly. I called All Plumbing to see if they could come out and diagnose the problem. Upon calling and explaining the situation, they quickly set me up with a next day appointment.

The following day, the plumber showed up within the allotted time window, diagnosed the problem, and recommended my garbage disposal be replaced. He gave me a price quote, and i quickly did some price comparisons online, and thought they were very reasonably priced, and went ahead with the job. Once he got to work, he found a minor leak under my kitchen sink, and fixed it free of charge! Thank you All Plumbing! You found a life long customer! =)

All in all, these guys were great! Very courteous, professional, reasonably priced, and respectful to me and towards my house, as they wore booties upon entering, which is a big plus in my book!"

Jasmine S. Jasmine S. January 11, 2012

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Incredible VALUE” Thanks for the Great Review, Lilly!

We recently experienced a water line leak in our front yard. We were given All Pluming's name from a friend. After receiving several estimates for the job we were surprised at the incredible VALUE All Plumbing provided. The crew was polite and professional. They had to do work both inside and outside of our home. The interior didn't even look like anyone had been inside our home. They took great care in our project and treated us like a friend. We HIGHLY recommend All Plumbing - you will not be disappointed.

Lilly Lilly January 26, 2012

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Priced Fairly” Thanks for the Great Review, Victor!

To be honest, I think people are sometimes shocked at plumbing prices. I'm a real estate agent and I've worked with a lot of plumbers over the years and have had a lot of unpleasant experiences. Over time I have come to know how much plumbing or contracting work should cost before even calling for a quote. That being said, I almost use All Plumbing in Arlington exclusively these days. The plumbers are friendly and reliable and all of the work done for me or my clients have been priced fairly. I trust them.

Victor C. Victor C. January 30, 2012

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I’m Really Glad We Called.” Thanks for the Great Yelp …

Overall, I found All Plumbing, Inc to be reasonably priced and very quick. We had an instance where our kitchen sink was acting up. We called All Plumbing (at the recommendation of 2 friends) at 10:00am on a Friday and they were able to have Darin come out between 3-5pm that same day. When Darin came by he was able to diagnose our problem and gave us great recommendations on 1) what we needed to do to fix the faucet - either get a new faucet or attempt to repair the old one which would cost as much as a new faucet. 2) He saw some mistakes made by the guy from whom our landlord bought the house and made some recommendations to fix those issues as well. (The guy installed the sink without standard fittings and shut off valves to the sink and dishwasher).

Darin came back the following Monday (we had to check the decisions with our landlord). He replaced the faucet and installed shut off valves. Exactly what we needed. Darin was very helpful.

I'm really glad we called.

Diane B. Diane B. February 6, 2012

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Courteous, Professional and Honest.” Thank You, Ben!

From the office personnel to the men who came to correct the plumbing problem, I found all of them courteous, professional and honest. They were very responsive to my concerns and extended themselves to be sure that I was satisfied. Thank you, Ben

Ben Ben April 15, 2012

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