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  • Down the Drain: 3 Possible Reasons You Can’t Keep Your Drain Smelling Fresh

    We’ve all heard them — horrible drain stories.  Whether it’s losing a piece of jewelry down the sink or an unpleasant odor that you just can’t shake, drains can be a big hassle. It’s not uncommon for recalcitrant shower drains to hold on to clumps of hair, which are notorious for holding on to odors.  There are a number of reasons your drains might be paining you, but here are the three most common:

    1. Your kitchen sink needs a bath.

    If you have a garbage disposal, then your kitchen sink probably smells strange on a fairly frequent basis.  This is because people often let the power of being able to pulverize virtually anything go to their heads.  Ergo, step one of getting rid of that weird smell is to start scraping your dishes into the actual garbage.  In addition, it’s best to do an odor-neutralizing treatment at least once a week.  You can find numerous recipes online, but they all involve baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar in some configuration.


    2. Your shower drain needs some compassion.

    We don’t usually think of hair as contributing to a stench problem, but leave it down the drain long enough and it will smell purely awful.  Your plumber can easily fix a hair clog, but they’re totally preventable with some common sense measures .  Make sure to brush your hair before you take a shower.  This will get rid of the loose stuff; you’ll have to pick up anything else from the shower floor once you’re done.


    3. Your basement drains need an exorcism

    The stench of unwashed drains is a smelly problem that plagues so many basements, but that doesn’t mean that a stink is inevitable.  To keep things in tip-top shape, take yourself down to the basement every three months or so and remove the drain covers .  Pull out any buildup or scrub it off with an old toothbrush, and then follow up by pouring a bucket of hot water down each drain.  Once the water has worked its way down, take a fifteen minute break and then finish with the same sort of treatment you gave your kitchen sink.


    Of course, sometimes all the prevention in the world doesn’t matter—your drains stink, and you have no idea why.  If you’ve got a mysterious plumbing issue (or one that’s just gotten away from you), then you need to contact All Plumbing, Inc.  The plumbers here at All Plumbing not only have extensive experience with drain cleaning, they can also perform hydrojetting or repair your sewer line and your water main.  For more information, visit our website or call (703) 525-7973 today.

    Man cleaning the sink

  • Plumbing and Drain Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

    This video features a totally stripped-down bathroom—all we can see are pipes.  The narrator takes us through the plumbing required for a toilet and a shower: The items are connected, and all that’s separating them is a so-called “P trap.” The narrator also talks about changing out some piping that’s no longer up to code.  Because the code has changed, the plumber has to fix it while it’s exposed—however, there is a shortcut.  This particular job doesn’t require that the old pipe be removed, just that it be sealed off.  Once the old piping is hidden behind new drywall, the narrator notes, “no one will ever know it was ever there.”


    As interesting as it may be to learn a little about plumbing, it isn’t really the sort of home repair that a layperson should perform.  After all, if things go wrong, your house can become really unsanitary really quickly. 


    It’s best to let the professionals handle all your plumbing needs, and no company is more professional than All Plumbing, Inc .  All Plumbing can assist you with drain cleaning, water main repair, hydrojetting, and sewer line repair.  For more information, visit our website or call (703) 525-7973.




  • 3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Sewer Line

    At one point or another in every homeowner’s life, sewer problems will happen.  It’s a simple fact of life.  If your sewer line needs to be replaced, you’ll know very quickly.  It’s usually because something fairly unsanitary and unpleasant happens.  You’ll want to call your local sewer line repair company as far as possible if:


    1. Sewage backs up into your house.

    This is the most obvious sign that something’s gone wrong with your sewer line.  Maybe your line is choked with tree roots, maybe it’s old, maybe it’s just plain persnickety—it doesn’t really matter what the reason is, because the end result is always going to be the same:  Your home is on its way to becoming a toxic waste dump !  If this happens, then call a plumber immediately.  This is not a project you can do yourself.


    2. There’s a mysterious stench outside your house.

    If your kids don’t want to play outside anymore because the lawn stinks, then we’ve got some bad news for you: Your sewer line is probably failing.


    3. Your drains gurgle and refuse to empty.

    Sometimes drains take forever to drain or make weird gurgling sounds because they’re chock full of strange substances; this is why it’s important to inspect—and clean—your drains on a regular basis.  If you’ve taken a look at every drain in the house and there isn’t a single one that’s clogged with hair or other unsavory things, then in all probability, a faulty sewer line is likely the culprit.  These symptoms aren’t nearly as dramatic as the first two, but that doesn’t mean your should ignore them.  Just thank your lucky stars that you caught the issue before things got nasty.


    If you’re in need of sewer line maintenance or repair, then you need to get in contact with All Plumbing, Inc.  All Plumbing can help you with your faulty sewer lines, water main repair, hydrojetting, and drain cleaning.  For all your plumbing needs, visit our website or call (703) 525-7973 today

    Plumber working on sink

  • Backflow Preventer: 3 Reasons Why You Need One Installed in Your Home

    Toilet Cleaning with a Plunger.

    A backflow preventer is exactly what it sounds like: It prevents contaminated or polluted water from flowing back into a clean water source.  Many businesses are obligated by law to install and maintain backflow preventers, but it’s not always required of residential property owners.  So why should you have it done?  Well, here are three excellent reasons:

     1. You’re relying on a private source of water.

    If your water is coming from a well instead of a public water source, then you definitely need to get a backflow preventer installed.  You definitely don’t want the sewage from your bathrooms or the water from a gardening irrigation system getting into your well.  Speaking of which, here comes our second reason.

     2. You have an in-ground irrigation system.

    Irrigation systems are great, especially when the weather’s hot and dry and you’d like to keep your garden from dying.  But if you’ve got in-ground sprinklers, then you’re definitely going to need a backflow preventer whether you’re hooked up to the public water system or not. No one wants to drink grass clippings!

     3. You’re the only one who knows what’s on your property.

    Public water sources do their best, but no one knows exactly what’s on your property and what it’s hooked up to, except for you.  If you’ve made significant additions to your home—additions that are hooked up to the water supply in some way—then it’s your responsibility to make sure that you installed as many backflow preventers as necessary.

     If you need to have a backflow preventer installed, then you should get in touch with the experts at All Plumbing, Inc.  All Plumbing can help you sort through your backflow issues and take care of other plumbing problems; after all, our plumbers have experience with water main and sewer line repair, as well as hydrojetting and drain cleaning.  For more information, visit our website or call (703) 525-7973 today.

  • 4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Pipes so They Take Care of You

    Kitchen sink

    Plumbing repairs are usually the most dreaded of all home repairs, probably because they’re so often preceded by noxious odors and substances.  The best way to avoid the pain and sorrow of replacing your sewer line—to name just one example—is to take excellent care of your pipes.  Because you can see so little of your pipes, though, our advice concerns the part of your plumbing that’s easily viewed: your drains.

     1. Inspect your drains.

    The best way to take care of your pipes is to make sure that they’re as free of debris as possible: To that end, you’re going to have to inspect your drains.  You probably won’t be able to see very far down the pipe, but you usually don’t have to; as long as you visually check the area nearest the drain for material, you’ll be fine.

     2. Trap your drains.

    Cleaning out clogs is no fun; being forced to call in a plumber because a simple clog has morphed into something worse is even less fun.  To avoid both scenarios, you need to make sure that your drains are well-guarded so that your pipes remain well-protected.  Buy a guard for every shower, and find one for the kitchen sink, too: They look like tiny spaghetti strainers and will catch food while you’re doing the dishes.

     3. Don’t poison your drains.

    Many people are under the mistaken impression that every clog can be cured with enough chemical drain cleaner.  Try to avoid those cleaners as much as possible; either they’re ineffective and a waste of money , or they’re too effective and will damage your pipes.

     4. Clean your drains.

    You should be cleaning your kitchen drain at least once a week, your bathroom drains every time you clean your shower (about once a week, we hope), and your basement drains roughly every three months.  As we said before, don’t use chemical drain cleaners.  Instead, manually remove whatever you can and then run a combination of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda down the drain.


    If you’re in need of plumbing repair, hydrojetting, water main or sewer line repair, or drain cleaning get in touch with All Plumbing, Inc.  For more information, visit our website or call (703) 525-7973 today.

  • How To Unclog A Toilet

    At All Plumbing Inc we  know there’s almost nothing worse than having a clogged toilet at your house– especially if it’s overflowing. Luckily, many clogs can be fixed in a snap, just watch this video to find out how.  

    Not all clogs require a plumber to come out to the residence but when it does, call All Plumbing and we’ll be happy to help you!

  • What To Do If You Drop A Valuable Down The Sink

    At All Plumbing Inc we know accidents happen. One of the most common sink accidents is dropping a ring or other valuable item down the drain. If this happens to you don’t panic. Turn off the water immediately and follow these simple instructions to retrieve your lost valuable! 

    The next time you have a plumbing need give All Plumbing a call. We’re here to help you!

  • Hydro-Jetting VS. Cable Cleaning

    The Hydro-Jet we use at All Plumbing Inc  uses 4000 PSI of high-stream water pressure to instantly blast away build-up of leaves, tree roots, powdered detergents and years of debris that can clog up to 100 feet or more of your sewer line. We use this powerful piece of equipment because we know traditional snaking will only puncture the build-up, causing the problem to reoccur within months

    Watch this video brought to you by The Drain Team in Tampa Florida to see the difference between cable cleaning and Hydro-Jetting


    If You’re In Northern Virginia, Let All Plumbing Inc Handle Your Plumbing Needs!

  • All Plumbing Inc Presents Super Hydro-Jetting

    If you’ve got clogged pipes call  All Plumbing Inc  today!

    Traditional snaking will only poke a hole through build-up, causing the problem to reoccur within months. Our Hydro-Jet  uses 4000 PSI of high-stream water pressure, strong enough to clear almost  anything  out of your pipes.

    And by anything we mean… a “chicken sandwich”… check out this crazy video we found of some amazing hydro-jetting!!!

    Superjet Hydrojetting – The chicken sandwich.


    Call All Plumbing Inc Today!

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