Drain, Sewer & Hydro-Jetting

Having a clear sewer and water main line is important in every household or commercial business. A properly functioning sewer and water main line helps your everyday plumbing activities flow with ease. 

Our Hydro-Jet uses 4000 PSI of high-stream water pressure, which is strong enough to clear any major pipes, leaving them as good as new.

How Do You Know If Your Sewer and Water Main Lines Need To Be Repaired/ Replaced?

  • In most cases people notice that the monthly water bill is unusually high, considering the amount of water you and your family use per month. If your water bill has unusually risen within a month, it might be time to get your main drain/ water line checked.
  • It’s also a red flag if you’re getting continuous blockage in all of your drain pipes, including your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub or toilet; or if you’re experiencing water seeping into your walls from the outside. It may be time to unblock that sewer line or repair it for any damages it might have.


  • Hydro-jetting instantly blasts away build-up of leaves, tree roots, powdered detergents and years of debris that can clog up to 100 feet or more of your sewer line.
  • Traditional snaking will only puncture the build-up, causing the problem to reoccur within months.

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