• Signs That You May Need a New Toilet

    If there is one thing in a house that everyone uses daily, it is the toilet. This is why it is so important to make sure that the toilet you have in your home is reliable and functions properly. A faulty toilet can lead to other plumbing issues, so you should be able to recognize problems and know how to address them.

    One warning sign that you may be in need of a new toilet is water on the floor surrounding your toilet. While water can mean a number of things, you should definitely check for cracks in the toilet. It may not be a sign you need emergency plumbing services, but it will be something you should have inspected. Another telling sign that your toilet is on its way out is a collection of mineral deposits. This leads to water waste and leakage. While mineral deposits can be chipped away, it is an extensive process and it is usually a better alternative to replace the toilet.

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