• [INFOGRAPHIC] Solve Basement Water Woes with a Sump Pump

    Whether your basement is an extension of your living space or simply an extra place for storage, there is one issue you always have to worry about: moisture. Basements are prone to flooding, and even a little bit of excess water can lead to mold, rot, and poor indoor air quality. The solution to basement water issues is a sump pump. A sump pump comes on when water enters the basement and pumps that water out and away from your home to prevent damage. Your residential plumber can easily install a sump pump and help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Find out more about sump pumps in this infographic from All Plumbing, Inc . We provide plumbing services in Arlington, VA, including sump pumps, garbage disposal repair, and more. Everyone with a basement or crawlspace needs to know about the importance of sump pumps, so please share this useful information with your fellow homeowners.

    Solve basement water woes with a sump pump infographic Arlington