• Spotlight on Low-Flow Showerheads

    Water conservation is critically important for everyone around the world. Although water covers the majority of the Earth, most of it is saltwater that’s unfit for consumption. Since clean water is a limited natural resource, it’s important to do your part to conserve it. Installing low-flow showerheads is one step in the right direction. Get in touch with a plumber for help choosing the right fixture.


    Performing the Bucket Test

    If you’re unsure of whether your current showerhead is a low-flow model, you can do the bucket test. Having another person to help you will make this easier. Use a one-gallon bucket or measure and mark the one-gallon level in a larger bucket. Give your friend a stopwatch. Then, turn on the water and hold the bucket up to the showerhead. Time how long it takes the fixture to fill the bucket to the one-gallon mark. If it takes fewer than 20 seconds, you do not have a low-flow showerhead. It’s time to call the plumbing company to schedule a new showerhead installation.


    Understanding the Types of Low-Flow Showerheads

    While you’re shopping around for a new showerhead, you’ll notice that there are two main types of low-flow showerheads. Aerating showerheads work by mixing in air with the water. This increases density, while saving water. Many people prefer aerating showerheads because they produce a pleasant, misty flow. The other main type is laminar-flow showerheads. A laminar-flow showerhead works by forcing out dozens of small streams of water. This creates the sensation of having more water fall on your body, while still reducing water usage. Laminar-flow showerheads are popular in humid environments, as they reduce the amount of steam produced.


    Checking the Measurements

    Before purchasing your new low-flow showerhead, check the math. New regulations stipulate that showerheads cannot have a flow rate that exceeds 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). This means that a low-flow showerhead should have a lower flow rate than 2.5 gpm.


    If it’s time to replace your showerhead or faucets with low-flow fixtures, call the team at All Plumbing, Inc. We’ve been providing high-quality plumbing services at competitive rates in northern Virginia since 1970. For plumbing services in Arlington, VA, call (703) 525-7973.

  • What Causes Damage to Water Main Lines?

    The water main is the primary pipe that delivers clean, usable water to a home from the community water source. Although water mains are fairly durable, they are subjected to significant pressures and corrosive elements, which can cause damage over time. If you’ve noticed problems with your plumbing, such as a possible water main break, call a plumber right away to discuss your options for fixing it.



    Anything that’s constantly exposed to moisture will become corroded over time. Older pipes in particular are susceptible to corrosion because these aren’t lined with cement. Because the corrosion of certain materials is inevitable, water mains have a limited lifespan.


    Soil Erosion

    Perhaps surprisingly, one of the major causes of water main damage doesn’t have anything to do with the material of the pipe. Soil shifts over time, and this can affect the stability of any structures built on top of it. As an example, an older building is at risk of foundation damage because the shifting soil underneath it will also shift the structure itself. The same is true of pipes placed underground, such as water mains.


    Tree Roots

    You may have already heard that tree roots are a major cause of sewer line failures. Tree roots can also damage water main lines, causing more headaches for homeowners. Trees will naturally send out their roots in search of moisture. Water main lines are a tempting target for them. Roots can wrap around the pipe and eventually work their way inside. Plumbers often find partial and complete obstructions in water mains due to roots.


    Frost Heaves

    It isn’t necessary to live in the north to experience frost heaves. During the winter in Virginia, the overnight temperatures often dip below freezing. This is cold enough to create frost heaves. The contraction and expansion of the ground places pressure on the pipes, and eventually, it can cause a rupture.


    Water main repairs are just one of the many services you’ll find at All Plumbing, Inc. Our team of highly trained and experienced plumbers in Arlington, VA is committed to delivering excellent customer service with a friendly smile. Give us a call today at (703) 525-7973.

  • Why You Should Turn Off the Faucet When You Brush Your Teeth

    Water is a precious natural resource, and so many people don’t have reliable access to clean water. From the water crisis in Flint, Michigan to longstanding problems in developing countries, you can easily see the crucial importance of clean water in daily life. The accompanying public service announcement urges viewers not to take clean water for granted.

    When you watch it, you’ll learn that you could waste up to four gallons of water every time you leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth. It takes almost no effort to turn off the faucet while you’re brushing, so adopt this important habit today. And remember to get all leaky faucets fixed promptly for even greater water savings.

    If you have a leaky faucet and need a plumber’s help in Arlington, VA, you can rely on the trusted team at All Plumbing, Inc. Call (703) 525-7973, and we’ll send a plumbing contractor out to your home promptly.

  • A Look at Our Residential Plumbing Services

    All Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company located in Arlington, VA. We’re proud to have won multiple local awards for our excellent customer care, and our residential plumbing services are second to none. Our experienced plumbers are available around the clock to respond to plumbing emergencies, such as sewer main clogs, overflowing toilets, and leaky pipes.


    Our plumbers are also available to provide routine maintenance and upgrade services. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom or kitchen, you can rely on our company to provide recommendations and expert installation of plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers also install and repair water heaters, gas lines, sump pumps, and sewer mains. We invest in the latest technology because offering the best to our customers matters to us. Trenchless pipe repair, video camera inspections, and hydro-jetting are just a few examples of our cutting-edge services.


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