What Happens During a Camera Inspection

Camera inspections are one of the most valuable tools a plumber has to diagnose a problem while minimizing the cost and disruption of repairs. With a camera, your plumber can identify the exact location and cause of leaks and blockages in your pipes, without having to dig them up. For homeowners, this not only saves time but a significant amount of money as well.

During a camera inspection, your plumber will thread a camera that is attached to a long, thin handle into your pipes. By watching the video footage transmitted back to a screen from inside the pipes, your plumber can inspect the pipes for signs of cracks or other damage and locate exactly where a blockage is occurring and what is causing it. This allows for more targeted repairs with less exploratory digging.

If you are experiencing a drain clog, call All Plumbing, Inc. for accurate and affordable repairs thanks to camera inspections and hydro-jetting. For more information about our plumbing services in Arlington, VA, call (703) 525-7973.

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