Common Causes of Sewer Main Damage

Damaged sewer mains are a serious headache for homeowners. Fortunately, fixing them is no longer as disruptive and costly as it used to be, thanks to video camera inspections and trenchless sewer repairs. Using these techniques, your plumber can locate the source of the problem with your sewer main and repair or replace it without digging up your lawn and driveway. What causes damage to sewer lines in the first place? Here is a look at some common causes.


Roots are frequently the culprits when sewer mains fail. Over time, roots can grow into the sewer main, causing cracks in the pipes. They can even breach pipes and grow through them completely. The older the trees are on your property, the more likely this is to happen, as root structures can grow many times wider than spread the of tree branch structure. When you are planting new trees on your property, make sure you plant them far enough away from your sewer main that they are unlikely to cause issues.


Eventually, all sewer main lines will need to be replaced. As pipes age, they start to crack and become weak, causing them to leak. How long your pipes last depends on what they are made of and whether they were installed correctly. The typical life expectancy of sewer lines is between 50 to 100 years, but lines can fail much sooner. Many plumbers replace sewer lines with PVC pipes today, which are expected to last for more than 100 years.


Offsets occur when the joints where two pieces of pipes meet are no longer properly aligned. Offsets allow debris in the pipe to build up and eventually cause a blockage. There are many different things that can cause an offset, including the settling of soil around the pipe.

If you are noticing any warning signs that your sewer main could be failing, call All Plumbing, Inc. Our plumbers can use camera inspections to pinpoint the cause and trenchless technology to make repairs. To schedule a service call with a plumber in Arlington, VA, call (703) 525-7973.

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