What Causes Water Lines to Fail?

Water line failures can cause flooding in your home and yard, and they can even destroy the foundation of your house. Before water lines actually fail, call your plumber if you notice any signs of problems. If your plumber can perform water line repairs before a complete failure happens, you could avoid more costly damage. What exactly makes lines fail in the first place? Here is what you need to know.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are notorious for damaging water lines. Over time, roots grow and spread, and they can easily enter the spaces where your water and sewer lines are laid. Initially, the roots may put pressure on the line and restrict water flow, but eventually, they can completely puncture the pipe, causing it to burst. Water lines are especially vulnerable to damage from tree roots when they are old and beginning to deteriorate from wear and tear.


You may think that your water lines are safe from pests because they are underground, but in reality, rodents and other pests are responsible for a large number of water line failures. Gophers, moles, rats, and beavers have all been known to damage water lines, so if you notice you have any of these invaders on your property, call a pest control company to protect your pipes.

Shifting Soil

The soil around your home can shift in response to a number of different factors, including erosion and changes to your landscaping. These shifts can put additional pressure on your water lines that can weaken them and eventually cause them to fail. Keep an eye out for erosion around your house.

Don’t let a water line failure put your property in jeopardy. All Plumbing, Inc. offers water line repair services in Arlington, VA, using hydro-jetting technology to repair your pipes while preserving your landscaping. If you’re concerned about the state of your water lines or need other plumbing services, please call (703) 525-7973.

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