• What Can You Do to Protect Your Water and Sewer Lines?

    Just as your entire home sits on a foundation, your plumbing system relies on a functional system of sewer and main water lines. If you’re careful to maintain your sewer and water lines properly, you can reduce the number of times you’ll have to call for emergency plumbing services because of a major backup or clog in the line. Use the following simple steps to protect your plumbing system.

    Modify your landscaping plans.

    Do you know where your sewer and main water lines are located? If not, call the plumbing company and find out. You should always know where these essential features are before making any major landscaping changes. Many plumbing problems are caused by trees and shrubs. Their strong root systems can grow toward the water lines, and eventually, grow into the pipes themselves. Over time, it’s possible for the roots to completely obstruct the pipe. Make sure that any trees or shrubs you plant are located far away from your water lines.

    Upgrade your plumbing fixtures.

    Water conservation is always important, but for homeowners with septic tanks, it’s even more essential. This is because a septic system can only handle a certain amount of waste water at a time. Consider upgrading your plumbing fixtures. Ask your plumber to install low-flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets.

    Keep chemical cleaners out of your plumbing system.

    Chemical drain cleaners are inherently corrosive—it’s how they’re able to bust apart clogs. The problem is that they can’t tell the difference between a clump of hair and the pipe itself. Over time, the chemical cleaner can eat away at the interior of the pipe.

    Install a sewer backflow check valve.

    If there is ever a serious problem with your plumbing system, it’s possible for sewage to backflow into your home. Prevent this messy and unhealthy problem by having your plumber install a safety device. A sewer backflow check valve is an essential feature for every home.

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  • Fighting Smelly Drains Naturally

    Over time, lots of bacteria can accumulate in your sink drains. Bacteria, grime, and debris can all give off foul odors. If you have a smelly drain, there’s a natural way to fix it. You can find out how when you watch the accompanying video. Just remember that if your drain is clogged or needs professional drain cleaning, you can call a plumber to fix the problem right the first time.

    The woman in this featured video demonstrates how she pours ¾ cup of baking soda down her smelly drains, followed immediately by half a cup of distilled white vinegar. Insert an old rag into the drain, let it sit for half an hour, and remove the rag. Then, pour boiling water into the drain to finish the cleaning process.

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  • Common Reasons for Hydro-Jetting

    If you’ve ever rented a pressure washer to clean your home’s siding or deck boards, then you already know how powerful water can be when it’s pressurized. A plumber’s hydro-jetting equipment is far more powerful than the average water pressure. It’s capable of shooting out water at 4,000 PSI. This fast-moving stream of water is an effective way to thoroughly scrub out the pipes and dislodge clogs.

    Use hydro-jetting when a sewer backup occurs.

    One of the worst-case scenarios for every homeowner is a sewage backup into the home. This can occur when there is a major clog in the sewer line. A sewage leak can destroy your property and expose your family to serious infectious diseases . If a sewage backup occurs, call for emergency plumbing services immediately. The trained specialist can use hydro-jetting equipment to quickly clear away stubborn clogs and restore the proper functioning of the line.

    Use hydro-jetting to address poor water pressure and quality.

    Older homes, particularly those in areas with hard water, commonly develop water problems that stem from mineral buildup. Significant mineral buildup can decrease the available water pressure, as it inhibits the proper flow of water through the pipes. The accumulation can also adversely affect the water quality. If you’ve noticed sluggish water flow, call a plumber to find out if hydro-jetting could help fix the problem.

    Use hydro-jetting to restore old cast iron pipes.

    Another common problem of older homes is the aging process of cast iron pipes. Over time, cast iron can develop blisters. These nooks and crannies snag waste materials as they flow through the pipes, causing clogs. Hydro-jetting will blast the clogs out of the pipes. It can even eliminate these nooks and crannies by smoothing out the surface of the pipes, which prevents future problems.

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