• Why You Should Consider Getting a Japanese Soaking Tub

    Tubs are always highly sought-after fixtures, but one tub that plumbers are seeing an increased demand for is Japanese soaking tubs. Although Japanese soaking tubs were traditionally placed outdoors as an alternative to hot tubs, many people are not reaping the benefits of installing the tubs in their bathrooms.

    Japanese soaking tubs are deep and narrow, and they are traditionally designed with a bench inside. Unlike traditional baths, which are designed for lying down, Japanese soaking tubs are designed for the bather to sit upright in deep water. The Japanese believe that submerging the body as completely as possible will fully cleanse body and soul by creating the ultimate environment for relaxation. Both indoors and out, homeowners are increasingly embracing the opportunity escape the stress of everyday life with the relaxing ritual of a Japanese soaking tub.

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  • How the A.O. Smith Tankless Water Heater Works

    Water heaters use an enormous amount of energy, which is why more and more people are talking to their plumbers about more efficient solutions. A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it, conserving the amount of energy used. These designs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for that reason.

    Watch this video to see how A.O. Smith tankless water heaters work. When you open a hot water faucet, a tankless heater heats the water over hot coils, so it comes out of your tap hot but isn’t stored in a tank.

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  • Sewer and Water Lines 101

    Sewer and water lines form the basis of your plumbing system. Problems in these lines can cause significant problems in your home, including costly water damage. If you suspect that you have a problem with your sewer lines or water lines, call your plumber right away. Fast repairs are necessary to reduce the risk of damage and prevent problems from becoming worse. Here is the basic information about these two important components of your plumbing system that you need to know.

    Sewer and water lines bring water into and out of your home.

    Water lines carry potable water into your home for use in all of your sinks and toilets, as well as other appliances, like your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine. In some places, homeowners also have a separate water line for appliances like a toilet that do not require potable water so that they can be supplied with rainwater or another untreated source.

    Sewer lines remove waste and used water from your home. These return lines typically work using gravity flow and send waste and used water through a system that ultimately ends at a water treatment plant.

    Lines are vulnerable to damage from a number of sources.

    Sewer and water lines can be damaged in a wide range of ways. Tree roots can grow into lines without warning. Plumbers recommend planting trees and other landscaping pieces away from sewer and water lines. Chemical drain cleaners can corrode lines and cause fractures. Older appliances that use an excessive amount of water can also contribute to the risk of a problem with sewer and water lines.

    Repairs should be made quickly to reduce the risk of further damage.

    Call your plumber as soon as possible if you notice problems with your sewer or water lines. Slow drainage, wastewater backups, repeated drain clogs, and water leaks can all indicate an issue with plumbing lines. Fortunately, through video inspections and hydro-jetting, your plumber can often make repairs without digging up your landscaping.

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  • FAQs and Answers About Kitchen Renovation Projects

    Kitchen renovation projects can breathe fresh life into your home and offer a great return on investment. To keep your project within budget and prevent unnecessary delays, it’s important to work closely with your plumber to ensure that all re-piping that needs to be performed is handled safely and correctly. Because kitchen renovation projects can involve a lot of moving parts, it’s normal to have several questions about what to expect. Here is a look at some of the questions homeowners frequently have as they tackle this home improvement project.

    How long do kitchen renovations take?

    The answer to this question depends on the kind of work you want to be completed. If your project involves completely replacing all of your appliances and cabinets or removing one or more walls, it will take longer than if you are replacing an appliance or two, re-facing your cabinets, and repainting the walls. The plumbing contractor on your project and all of the workers involved in the individual aspects of the project will provide you with a personalized timeline before work begins.

    Is a kitchen renovation a good investment?

    Kitchen renovations offer one of the best returns on investment of any improvement project. Buyers are increasingly motivated to buy homes with updated kitchens, and when you put your house on the market, you should reap the reward of your remodel. If you replace your appliances with newer models, you could save money on your energy bills, which represents a further return on your investment.

    Why do I need a plumber for a kitchen renovation?

    Plumbers are critical team members in a kitchen renovation. Water and gas lines run through the walls in your kitchen, and a single error can cause massive problems throughout your home plumbing. Plumbers can also help you select the most efficient appliances for your space and needs.

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