• What Are Some Potential Causes of Slow Drains?

    Slow drains usually occur when some kind of obstruction is preventing water from moving through the drain system quickly and efficiently. Although they may initially be more of an annoyance than a problem, they can escalate into serious issues that can cause damage to your plumbing system and home. If you have a slow drain, call your plumber to find out what is causing it and how to fix it. Here is a look at some of the most common causes of slow drains.


    If your slow drain is in your shower or bathroom sink, there is a good chance that hair is the culprit. Everyone sheds hairs every day, and they tend to come out while you are showering or when you are standing over the sink fixing your hair. Even if only a few hairs enter your drain each day, eventually they will build up and cause your drain to slow down. Putting a guard over the drain will help to reduce hair buildup and keep your drains flowing smoothly.


    Kitchen drains often get clogged with grease. Grease will build up in your drains when you rinse dishes and when you run your dishwasher. It helps to be conscientious about not pouring large amounts of grease, such as bacon fat, down the drain, but over time, small amounts from your plates can accumulate in your pipes and slow down your drain.


    One of the most serious causes of slow drains is tree roots that penetrate the pipes. If the roots cause small cracks, the issue may not be noticeable at first, but eventually, they can grow large and take up space in the pipes, slowing down the drainage. This problem needs immediate attention by your plumber.

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  • What Could Cause a Sudden Loss of Water Pressure?

    A sudden loss of water pressure isn’t just annoying. It can also indicate that you have a serious issue that needs the attention of an emergency plumber. Failing to get emergency plumbing services when you lose water pressure could lead to even more significant—and expensive—damage.

    Although problems with the municipal water supply can affect your water pressure, a sudden drop is more likely to indicate an issue in your residential plumbing system. If temperatures have been cold, frozen pipes could be an issue. If you have a well, water pressure can drop if the pump has been damaged. A blockage in your plumbing or leak could also lead to water pressure issues. These problems can lead to burst pipes and serious water damage to your home.

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  • Troubleshooting a Noisy Tap

    A noisy tap can be a frustrating problem to deal with. Fortunately, the cause is not usually serious and may only require a simple adjustment by your plumber to fix.

    Watch this video to learn what your plumber will look for if you have a noisy tap. Noise in the tap usually suggests that there is a vibration somewhere in your water supply line. Tightening a loose valve may be all that is required. Your plumber may also look for an issue with a washer.

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  • FAQs About Your Garbage Disposal

    Most homeowners find their garbage disposals to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment in their homes, but many don’t think about maintaining them until a problem occurs. Often, homeowners find themselves in need of emergency plumbing services when their garbage disposals stop working at the worst times, such as during a holiday meal. Find out more about preventing problems with your garbage disposal with the answers to these common questions.

    Is it really necessary to run water when using my disposal?

    Any time you turn on your garbage disposal, you should be running water down the drain. Water helps to push the food waste down the drain after your garbage disposal grinds it. Run cold water, so that any fat in your food doesn’t liquefy in the drain. When this occurs, it will solidify further down the drain and create a blockage. Only use hot water on your garbage disposal if you are cleaning it with a non-food item, such as vinegar or citric acid. If you use citrus peels to clean the disposal, you should use cold water.

    What can I put down my garbage disposal?

    There are enormous misconceptions about what goes down a garbage disposal, and these misconceptions lead to many calls to plumbers. Never put coffee grounds, eggshells, or stringy fruits and vegetables in your disposal. You should also avoid putting down anything that expands in water, such as rice, pasta, and beans. Cooking oil and grease should not go down any drain, including your garbage disposal.

    What should I do if my garbage disposal smells?

    If there is an odor coming from your garbage disposal, there is likely to be food that hasn’t completely gone down the drain. Turn the cold water and your disposal on and let it run to clear the drain.

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