Comparing Hydro-Jetting and Drain Snaking

If you experience clogged drains—and most homeowners will at some point—your plumber may offer both drain snaking and hydro-jetting as options for resolving the problem. Each of these drain clearing methods can be effective, depending on several different factors, so which is the right one for your plumbing issue? Here is what you need to know.

Drain Snaking

Drain snaking involves the use of a tool called a plumbing auger—or plumbing snake. This long, metal device that has a crank at one end and an opening through which a corkscrew or set of blades can exist at the other. The auger is inserted into the drain until your plumber feels the resistance caused by the clog. To break up the clog, he or she will turn the crank to release the corkscrew or blades, which help to break up the clog. He or she will then pull as much of the clog out of the drain as possible, often putting the auger into the drain multiple times to remove the entire blockage. Plumbers use straight augers for sink drains and J-shaped ones for toilet clogs.

Drain snaking is best suited to minor clogs and treating temporary issues. For instance, if you know that your child has dropped a toy down the drain, snaking may be the best fox.


During hydro-jetting, your plumber will used a high-pressure blast of water to dislodge clogs in your drain. In some cases, your plumber may first perform a camera inspection of your pipes to find out what the cause of draining issues are and to ensure that you don’t have weakened pipes that won’t respond to hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jetting may be recommended for large clogs and consistent drain issues that aren’t resolved by snaking. Because hydro-jetting removes debris and build-up in your pipes, your plumbing system will work like new again.

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