The Homeowner’s Guide to Dealing with Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can happen to anyone, but if you know how to deal with them, you can prevent a serious problem for your home. Clogged drains are common, and they can hold back your plumbing system in general, which means you get to avoid certain symptoms. Keep reading for a look at the homeowner’s guide to dealing with common plumbing emergencies.

Clogged Drains

Even with the best drainage system in the world, you will probably end up dealing with a clog at some point. Clogs can happen in your sink, your bathtub, or your toilet. If you can’t flush your toilet or drain your tub, grab a plunger or an auger. These tools can help you deal with your clog before it causes real problems for your plumbing system. You can end up clogging your toilet just by trying to flush too much toilet paper, but flushing more often than you think you should can help.

Effects on Your System

You need a functioning plumbing system, but an emergency will set you back. If you don’t deal with your plumbing emergency at the first sign, you could end up dealing with a more severe problem. This leads to more costly repairs, and it could take your bathroom out of commission for a little while, so deal with plumbing emergencies as soon as they arise.

Fixing the Problem

You can usually take care of a simple clog on your own, but more severe plumbing issues can be problematic. If you aren’t able to take care of the problem by yourself, you need to call your plumber. If you want to give it a go on your own, use a plunger or an auger to take care of clogs in your toilet or your sink. Then, you can flush out the wastewater and enjoy a better plumbing system.

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