• Five Fantastic Fixes for Your Bathroom and Plumbing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Problems with your bathroom or plumbing start as inconveniences but can soon grow into costly disasters. When you’re having issues, the best thing to do is to call a plumber as soon as possible to find out the best way to tackle your troubles. In this infographic from All Plumbing, Inc. , find out some ways to fix up your bathroom and your plumbing to avoid expensive damage, lower your bills, and upgrade your home. For instance, if your family is always doing battle over hot water, it could be time to replace your hot water heater. Discover more fixes for your plumbing woes in our infographic, and when you need assistance—from bathroom upgrades to emergency plumbing in Arlington, VA—choose our experienced team. Please help other homeowners find out how to upgrade their plumbing by sharing this information.

  • What All Plumbing, Inc. Can Do for Your Business

    When it comes to maintaining your building’s plumbing and managing emergency plumbing repairs, having an experienced, commercial plumber to turn to is important. All Plumbing, Inc. offers comprehensive plumbing services in Northern Virginia, and we’ve been providing reliable assistance for a broad range of commercial clients for more than 4 decades.

    Whether you have a small business or large commercial building, All Plumbing, Inc. can deliver commercial plumbing services that range from leak repair to full system installation. We’re experienced in servicing law firms, doctors’ offices, apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, schools, and retail establishments, and our team of certified and licensed plumbers is equipped to handle nearly any plumbing replacement, installation, or repair job that your business requires. Our plumbing company is located in Arlington, VA, and we serve commercial clients in the Alexandria, Springfield, Fairfield, McLean, and Falls Church communities.

    If you need a commercial plumber near Arlington, VA , then look no further than All Plumbing, Inc. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call (703) 525-7973.

  • A Quick Look at Plumbing Traps

    Is one of your appliances pulling water from your toilet? If so, then this may have something to do with your plumbing traps and plumbing vents. Watch this video to learn more about this type of plumbing problem.

    Every plumbing feature is equipped with a plumbing trap to prevent sewer gas from coming up, and plumbing vents help water drain smoothly from your appliances. When a vent is missing or blocked, this can cause water draining from one appliance to pull water from another due to a vacuum effect. A vent introduces air into the system to relieve negative pressure and prevent the water seals in plumbing traps from being affected.

    Do you need plumbing services or toilet repair in Arlington, VA? If so, then look no further than All Plumbing, Inc. Please call (703) 525-7973 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed and certified plumbers.

  • What Caused My Sewer Backup?

    Several factors can affect your home’s plumbing and result in sewer line problems. Are you dealing with sewage backup and wondering if you need sewer repair or replacement? If so, then continue reading to learn about some of the most common causes of sewer backups.


    Many homeowners are surprised to discover how much damage tree roots can inflict on their sewer line. Sensing moisture and nutrients, it’s common for tree roots to grow toward plumbing. Once the roots reach a pipe, they can sometimes work their way inside through a small opening and then continue growing. Eventually, the roots can damage the pipe or clog it up.


    If your sewer line has what are called bellies, which are portions of piping that lay flat rather than slope away from your home, then they may be more prone to problems. Where the pipes lay flat, debris is more likely to collect and lead to a clog that causes a sewer backup in your home.


    If the ground around your home shifts, settles, or erodes for some reason, this can cause misalignments in your home’s drainage lines. These types of problems, referred to as offsets, can lead to sewer backups and clogs.


    If your plumbing system is old, then normal aging of the pipes could be to blame for the sewer backup that you’re experiencing. As pipes age, corrosion can lead to cracks and leaks that affect the line’s integrity and result in blockages.


    Finally, it’s important to be mindful of what you put down your garbage disposal or flush down your toilet. Over time, items like hair, diapers, napkins, and oils can lead to buildup and clogs in your sewer line. To help keep your drains running well, avoid pouring grease down your sink and using your toilets as waste bins.

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