• What Are the Signs of a Plumbing Leak?

    Plumbing leaks can be hard to detect, especially if they are hidden behind walls or underneath sink cabinets. However, water stains, mold, and warped floors are all common signs that you have a plumbing leak. Let’s get a closer look at these common signs.

    Water Stains

    Water stains are a common sign of a plumbing leak . Water stains can appear anywhere, such as on your walls, ceiling, or cabinets. They will often appear yellowish to brownish in color, and they can show up far away from the initial leak. Since water can travel through various housing materials, you may not notice a water stain until your plumbing leak has become significant. If you notice an old or musty smell coming from a nearby plumbing fixture or a water stain, then it is likely the leak is hidden and has been causing damages for a while.


    There are several signs of mold that can signal a plumbing leak. Mold often grows in warm, damp environments, which could be under your sink cabinets, in your basement, or behind your walls. If you notice a musty smell or clusters of mold spores in these areas, then you may have a nearby leak. You may also experience health symptoms commonly associated with mold. If you or a family member notice an increase in asthma symptoms, allergies, or respiratory issues, then you may have mold growing in your house.

    Flooring Damages

    You may have a plumbing leak if your flooring appears warped, stained, or damaged. Carpet, wood, or engineered wood are the most susceptible flooring materials that will show signs of water damage. If you notice the flooring around your kitchen or bathrooms is showing uncommon signs of damage, then call a residential plumber to inspect your pipes.

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  • Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

    Your garbage disposal is one of the most important elements of your kitchen plumbing system. By taking the time to clean and maintain your garbage disposal at regular intervals, you can help to prevent clogs and other issues in your kitchen sink. One of the essential steps of garbage disposal maintenance is to make sure that you only put approved items down the drain. You can also keep your garbage disposal running great by sharpening its blades using a combination of rock salt and ice. At least once a year, you may also want to have your disposal inspected by a professional plumber.

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  • The Process of Replacing a Drain Stopper

    Your bathtub is equipped with a stopper, which allows you to prevent water from flowing down the drain. If you are having trouble filling your tub, you may need to hire a plumber to replace your stopper system. In this video, you will take a quick look at the process of replacing a stopper in a tub. By carefully disassembling your existing stopper, your plumber can remove the broken unit and replace it with a new system.

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  • Taking Care of Plumbing in the Winter

    The winter months can be a tough time for your home’s plumbing system. When freezing temperatures and major storms hit your area, your pipes, water heater, and other plumbing units may experience excess wear and tear. To avoid a burst pipe or other winter plumbing emergency, you will want to take the time to perform seasonal plumbing maintenance for your home . Read on to review some essential winter plumbing maintenance tips.

    Insulate Exposed Pipes

    Any pipes that are exposed to outdoor temperatures could be at risk of freezing during the winter months. When water freezes and expands in a pipe, the walls of the pipe may end up bursting. Insulating exposed pipes is an effective strategy for preventing major plumbing leaks that are caused by freezing temperatures.

    Maintain Your Water Heater

    During the winter season, you will use hot water for many tasks and chores around the home. To take care of your plumbing this winter, you may want to hire a plumber to provide you with seasonal maintenance for your water. Your plumber can check your water heater’s heating elements and make sure that it is operating efficiently. It may also be necessary to add extra insulation to your water heater during the winter.

    Turn Off Outdoor Fixtures

    Outdoor fixtures can be particularly vulnerable to winter weather conditions. In order to make sure that your plumbing does not become damaged during the winter season, you may want to turn off the water source to any plumbing fixtures that are located on the exterior or your home. Taking the time to shut off your outdoor water supply will help you to avoid a plumbing emergency this winter.

    If you are in need of plumbing services this winter, be sure to get in touch with All Plumbing Inc. We offer top quality plumbing services in Arlington, and we can help you make sure that you are protected from a water main break during the winter season. Give us a call at (703) 525-7973 to schedule professional plumbing services today.