• The Differences Between Tankless and Regular Water Heaters

    Whether your water heater has a tank or not, it will most likely get the job done. However, different types of water heaters each come with important benefits and disadvantages for your plumbing. Watch this video for details.

    A tankless water heater tends to cost a bit more than a regular water heater, but it can return that cost through energy savings. Regular water heaters are less expensive plumbing appliances, but they take up more space and might not last as long. Tankless water heaters are not subjected to standby heat loss, so they can make your home more energy efficient and cut energy costs.

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  • How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

    If your pipes are aging or you’ve noticed problems with your plumbing systems, hydro jetting may be the answer. As a common homeowner, however, you might have no idea what this means. Keep reading to find out why and how hydro jetting works as well as the benefits of using this procedure.


    Hydro jetting is one of several ways to deal with clogged pipes in both residential and commercial settings. The purpose is to clear out any blockages and obstructions from your pipes so you can enjoy a more efficient plumbing system. Once you have had your plumbing systems cleared out, you will no longer have to worry about problems with water pressure, clogged drain lines, or other common plumbing issues. Your plumber can use hydro jetting to leave you with a more sanitary and efficient plumbing system overall.


    Before your plumbing team actually gets to the hydro jetting process, your professionals will first inspect your piping to gain a better understanding of the problem at hand. This can be done using small video cameras that are threaded through your existing pipes in order to take a closer look at the issue. Once your plumbing specialists have recognized the problem, they can use hydro jetting to clear out any obstructions in your pipes. Hydro jetting is particularly effective because it can break through any type of blockage using highly pressurized water jets, even tree roots and other sturdy debris.


    People choose hydro jetting as their plumbing service of choice because of the effectiveness and convenience it offers. Since the equipment is threaded through your existing pipes, hydro jetting is a relatively non-invasive procedure. Hydro jetting also comes with enough power to conquer any obstruction you may be facing.

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  • The Dos and Don’ts of Your Garbage Disposal

    You can rely on your garbage disposal to take care of your smaller scraps after dinner, but many people use it the wrong way, which can lead to endless calls to your plumber. Make sure you give your garbage disposal a regular cleaning, and only feed in the right amount of the appropriate materials. Here’s more on the dos and don’ts of your garbage disposal.

    Do Run and Clean Regularly

    It should come as no surprise that the more often you clean your garbage disposal, the better it stands to work. On that same note, you should also use this plumbing appliance regularly to keep it in top shape. If you happen to leave your garbage disposal alone for a while, give it a test before you start it up and feed it the scraps from your most recent meal.

    Don’t Grind Inappropriate Materials

    As tough as your garbage disposal might be, it can’t handle just anything you throw into it; there are certain materials that it is just not designed to handle. Even if you add a given material to your garbage disposal and don’t hear any strange noises, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well. Many homeowners get rid of their cooking greases via garbage disposal, which is never a good idea. These greases can quickly build up in your disposal and cause a plumbing nightmare, so take your grease to the garbage can instead. Remember that hot water can exacerbate the problem by heating up the grease and letting it sink farther into the pipe.

    Don’t Feed too Much at Once

    Like any other plumbing appliance, you should use your garbage disposal carefully. Don’t jam too much in there at once or you could find yourself dealing with a backup or other nagging plumbing problems in your kitchen.

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