• Turning Off Your Main Water Supply

    In the case of an emergency plumbing situation, it’s good to know how to turn off your main water supply. Every home should have a water meter in the front area of their property, and you can open the lid using a pair of pliers. Watch this video to learn how to turn off your main water supply.

    After opening the lid, you should see the water meter inside, as well as a shut-off valve. When the shut-off valve’s handle is in line with the pipe, that means the water is on. To turn the water off, use your pliers to grip the valve’s handle and turn it until it’s perpendicular to the pipe.

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  • When to Consider a Bathroom Remodeling Project

    Designing a new bathroom can be exciting but also overwhelming, requiring you to make decisions about everything from tile color to plumbing layout. If you are wondering if a bathroom remodeling project makes sense for your home, use this guide to help you make the decision.

    You Have the Money and the Time

    Bathroom remodeling is a major renovation task to undertake, and from start to finish, the job can require a significant budget and a decent amount of time. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, start by determining how much money you are able and willing to spend on the project, allowing a good amount to cover any unforeseen costs. You will also need to be prepared to sacrifice the use of the bathroom for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or more depending on the size and scope of the remodeling project.

    Your Bathroom Has Water Damage

    If you have the time and the money to invest in a bathroom remodel, spotting water damage in or around your bathroom is a good indicator that it’s time for a change. When you choose to fully gut and redo your bathroom with the help of professional plumbing contractors and remodelers, the result is a room that functions beautifully and adds value to your home.

    Your Bathroom is Aging

    The age of your home can play a significant role in your decision to go through with a bathroom remodel. For example, the plumbing may be failing or have improper ventilation, your tile may not be waterproof, or the design may suffer from structural deficiencies. To learn if your home could benefit from a brand new bathroom, schedule a plumbing inspection to determine if there may be hidden water damage or unseen plumbing issues.

    A full bathroom remodel can add function, beauty, and value to your home. If you need a professional residential plumber near Arlington, VA for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project, call All Plumbing Inc. today at (703) 525-7973.

  • Could You Have a Hidden Water Leak?

    A leak in your plumbing can be an obvious problem, such as water dripping from the ceiling or a soaked rug, but much of your plumbing is unseen, and a leak may not be easy to spot. To help prevent damage to your home’s structure and higher water bills, watch out for these signs of a hidden water leak.

    Check Your Bill

    Even if you don’t detect a leak in your system, you will always end up paying for it. A simple way to spot a problem with you plumbing is to keep an eye on your water usage and your water bill. If you notice a consistent rise in your water bill but your family’s water usage habits haven’t changed, it’s a good idea to start looking for a hidden water leak.

    Check Outside

    People commonly think of water leaks as a problem for the home’s interior, but leaks can happen outside and on other parts of your property. If you notice that your outdoor spigots leak water while the hose is running, replacing the rubber gasket can help you determine if the connections are tight and intact. If you have an irrigation system, investing in a yearly system inspection can keep it functioning properly and prevent unneeded water usage.

    Check Your Meter

    If you suspect that you have a hidden leak in your plumbing, one easy way to test your system is to check your water meter. To do this, start by turning off your water and watch the meter for a few minutes. If the reading shows movement, this is a sign of a leak that’s losing a significant amount of water. If the meter doesn’t move, leave it for a couple of hours and then check it again. If it has changed despite the water being shut off, this is a sign of a smaller leak somewhere in your plumbing.

    All Plumbing Inc. provides professional plumbing services in Arlington, VA . If you suspect you may have a water leak, call us today at (703) 525-7973 to talk to a plumbing contractor or to schedule an inspection so we can find and fix the hidden water leak fast.