• What Causes Sewer Main Damage?

    You rely on your home’s sewer line on a daily basis to carry away wastewater and sewage. If your sewer main malfunctions, you may find yourself dealing with a messy and potentially costly problem. The best way to keep your sewer line in tip top shape is to hire a professional to maintain it properly, which should include routine inspections, sewer snaking, and prompt plumbing repairs.

    There are many things that can threaten sewer lines. For example, certain large trees have extensive and invasive root systems that can easily shift, block, or break subterranean piping by growing around them. Avoid planting these types of trees on your property and use caution when planting any tree or shrub on your property. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals to unclog obstructed drains and plumbing pipes because they’re highly corrosive.

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  • A Look At Trenchless Sewer Repairs

    Having to deal with a broken sewer line can be an aggravating and potentially expensive experience, especially if it’s an emergency plumbing situation. Traditional methods required for sewer line repair tend to be destructive to landscapes—as well as structures such as driveways, sidewalks, and garages—because the soil above and around sewer lines needs to be excavated in order to replace the broken pipes. A newer, less invasive, and cost-effective way to repair failed sewer lines is trenchless technology. Check out this video to learn more about this innovative plumbing-repair process that will leave your property in great condition after repairs.

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