• Common Problems with Sump Pump Systems

    If your home has a basement or crawlspace, a properly working sump pump is the best defense against flooding and all the problems that come with excess moisture, including mold and mildew. Unfortunately, sump pump systems are not without their share of defects and performance issues. To make sure your basement or crawlspace stays dry, be on the lookout for these common sump pump problems. If you notice anything wrong with your sump pump, contact a plumbing company in Arlington for sump pump repair.

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    Broken Check Valve
    The check valve is located on the discharge pipe and prevents water from dumping back into the sump basket, or sump basin, after the pump shuts off. If the check valve is broken or leaking, contact your plumber to replace the check valve before a backup occurs.

    Undersized Discharge Pipe
    Discharge pipe, or discharge tubing, is the tubing that carries the water out of the sump basket and away from your home. Undersized tubing will force the pump to run longer each time it turns on, decreasing the life of the sump pump. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’re using the right size discharge tubing, schedule a  sump pump inspection  with your Arlington plumber.

    Short Discharge Tube
    Another problem associated with the discharge system is a discharge tube that is cut too short. In other words, the discharge tube should not dump water right up against the house at the exterior, since the water will seep right back down in to the sump pump or cause foundation issues. Your plumber can tell you how to improve drainage from the sump pump if water is pooling around your foundation.

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