• Troubleshooting Clogs in the Kitchen Sink

    New Shiny Kitchen Sink

    It is not easy to work with a clogged kitchen sink, but it is typically not difficult to find and remedy the problem. Your clog may be located at any point throughout the drain, but there are a few steps that you can take to find it. Keep reading for help in troubleshooting clogs in the kitchen sink.

    Start by filling the sink with water and plunging the drain with a sink plunger. If this does not remedy the issue, it is time to turn off the water supply valve. Being sure to place a bucket under the drain, look for and remove the plug from your P-trap under your sink, and clean it out using a bottle brush. You can also remove the P-trap altogether, and if that does not help you can use an auger on the wall pipe.

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  • Advice for Choosing New Plumbing Fixtures

    Although many people think of plumbing issues as having to do with leaky pipes or clogs in drains, some problems have to do with the fixtures. This is why it is important to put a great deal of thought into the fixtures you purchase. Watch this video for advice in choosing new plumbing fixtures.

    Much like you would not hire a cheap and ineffective plumber, the same principles apply to plumbing fixtures. It is a good idea to go with the more commonplace name brands and to buy from direct retailers. It is never wise to take the cheap route with plumbing fixtures, especially those that are going to be installed within a wall.

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  • How to Tell When it’s Time to Repair Your Water Heater

    No plumbing appliance works flawlessly forever; at some point they will all need repairs. Since your water heater is no exception, it helps to recognize the signs that indicate it is time for the appliance to be inspected. Keep reading if you would like to find out how to tell when it’s time to repair your water heater.

    Technician servicing heating boiler

    Inspect the  Water
    One initial sign that you may need to repair your water heater is the presence of rust in the water that comes out of the faucet when you turn the knob for hot water. This may indicate that your water heater is  on the verge of malfunctioning , and thus repairs should be performed. You can also taste or smell your hot water; if it tastes metallic, this is another example of a sign that your water heater may be in trouble.

    Take Notice of Noises
    Like most other appliances, water heaters will often produce strange sounds when they are close to malfunctioning or in need of repair. It is important to make the distinction between the normal sounds that water heater makes and the sounds that indicate malfunctioning. If you notice cracking or popping noises coming from your water heater, they may be due to a buildup of mineral deposits inside the appliance.

    Address Leaks
    In the event that your water heater starts leaking from an unsuspecting location, this is always an indicator that the appliance should be repaired. Be sure that your electricity or gas is disconnected and that the water is cool before making your repairs. Call your professional plumbing service if you are unsure if it is time to repair your water heater.

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  • Tips for Preventing Drain Clogs

    Different drains tend to become clogged for different reasons; your shower drain might be full of hair, or the drain in your kitchen sink could be clogged with cooking grease. This can seriously impair the ability of your drains to do their jobs. Here are a few tips for preventing drain clogs.

    Grease Pan

    Hot Water
    Clogs often build up very slowly. This is especially true for clogs that come from cooking grease and other oils that get washed away down the sink.  You can prevent these clogs  from occurring by running hot water after using the sink. The hot water will keep the oils and grease moving down the drain. Without this motivator, the oils are more likely to stick together on the sides of the pipe. 

    One way to prevent drain clogs is to protect the drain from materials that tend to build up. Using a screen over your shower drain can help to save you the hassle of fishing clumps of hair out of the pipe. Instead, anything that does not fit into the drain accumulates on the screen. You can clean the screen quickly and easily and not have to worry about any clogging. This is particularly useful if you have long hair that tends to shed in the shower, but is also effective at minimizing clogs from soap scum.

    Minimal Use of Garbage Disposal
    If your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, be aware of what you should and should not use it for. Try to keep your garbage disposal usage to smaller scraps of food and be sure to run it regularly. The longer you wait to run your garbage disposal, the more work it will have to do at one time; this can lead to clogs and even damage to the blades or motor.

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