• Quick Tips for Stopping a Leaky Pipe

    Old Leaky Pipes

    Leaky pipe can lead to water damage, which in turn can warrant expensive repairs. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to hold off the leak and spare your home of the damage. Here are a few quick tips for stopping a leaky pipe.

    When you have a leaky pipe, time is of the essence. You should first turn off the house’s water supply; this will reduce the risk of water damage as well as inhibit you from wasting too much water. You can drain the remaining water from the pipe using a hose and a spigot. Measure the pipe and purchase an appropriately sized repair clamp. With the repair clamp attached, clean all of the water that has leaked from the pipe and turn on your water supply.

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  • How Does the Plumbing Work in Your Bathroom?

    Plumbing is an important component of any household, but many people are not quite sure what happens behind the scenes. Watch this video for a closer look at how the plumbing works in your bathroom.

    Whenever you take a shower, use the toilet, or wash your hands at the sink, water is transferred through a network of pipes. When the water is drained from bathroom appliances it is carried by drain lines to sewer lines. Water is able to drain thanks to vent lines, which are additional pipes that run through your walls and to your roof. This ventilation makes it possible for water to drain rather than suction.

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  • A Look at How Commercial Drain Cleaners Work

    Plumber with rubber plunger

    There are various different plumbing issues that could pop up at work, but commercial drain cleaners are prepared to take them on. Pipes may leak, sewer mains may malfunction, and drains may clog. Here is a look at how commercial drain cleaners work.

    Drains are not impervious to clogs, especially in the workplace; when different people use the drains, it is difficult to determine who caused the clog. However, this is a relatively simple case for commercial drain cleaners. They will first seek to locate the clog. This entails removing the strainer from the drain and cleaning it. After removing any reachable obstruction, the next step is to pour hot water into the drain. If it does not make its way down the drain, a plunger may be used. If that fails as well, your drain cleaner can clean the trap and try using a snake.

    Another tool your commercial drain cleaner might use is a chemical drain cleaner. This is another effective option when it comes to clearing up clogs . These cleaners come in different physical forms, such as gel, liquid, and powder. They work by creating chemical reactions that produce heat, which helps to melt congealed oils and grease that may be clogging the pipe. Let your professional commercial drain cleaner and plumbing expert use these cleaners because they can be very dangerous if they are not used properly.

    If you find yourself calling your commercial drain cleaner on a regular basis, consider the ways in which you can prevent clogged drains. Pour hot water down your drains to make sure that oils and greases are not congealing to the sides of the pipes, and clean your screen covers at the entrance to your drains. You should also know how to use your garbage disposal properly.

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  • Reducing Your Risk of Basement Flooding

    Basement flooding can cause serious damage to your home, including property damage, structural damage, and mold growth. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of basement flooding. Here are some of the tips that our plumbing company has found to be most helpful.

    Heavy rain shower

    Improving Drainage
    A home with poor drainage is especially prone to  basement flooding . To improve your home’s drainage, unclog your gutters and downspouts once per week, especially during autumn when foliage often becomes trapped. This helps divert water away from your home, rather than into the ground near your home’s foundation and basement. If your downspouts and gutters overflow even when they’re clean, we recommend replacing them. Another good reason to replace your downspouts is if they do not extend at least six feet from your basement wall, or if the water does not drain away from your house and into the backyard or street.

    Have Your Walls and Foundation Inspected
    If your basement floods during heavy rain, chances are you have a leak in the basement walls. Call a reputable plumbing company in Arlington to schedule an inspection of your walls, especially if you see moisture on the wall or ceilings. If your gutters and downspouts are working properly, inspect your home’s foundation for cracks and make sure your lot has correct grading. If your home settles over time, like many homes do, you will need to fill in and grade the lot so the land slopes away from the house instead of toward it.

    Install Flood-Proofing Devices
    Ask local plumber near Arlington if installing a sump pump or backflow valve would be a good plan for your home. For some homeowners, these devices greatly reduce the risk of basement flooding.

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  • Locating the Water Shut-off Valve for Your Bathtub

    If you have a plumbing problem at your home or office, you will probably need to locate the water shut-off valve. This valve is important because it shuts off the water in the event that a leaking or free-flowing plumbing fixture won’t shut off on its own. To find your water shut-off valve, go outside and look for a sewer lid. Open the lid to reveal the water shut-off valve. Watch the video for more tips for locating your water shut-off valve.

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