• Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

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    Before hiring a plumber in Arlington, always ask whether he is licensed or not. Some plumbers have trained themselves and are not actually licensed, so it’s important to ask to see their license before asking them to perform any work at your home or business. Next, ask them for a complete written estimate of the costs involved—including any applicable travel fees and overtime fees—to avoid a misunderstanding or conflict later on. Ask your plumber if he is insured, too. Every reputable plumber is insured, because accidents such as floods, fires, and burst pipes can happen. Lastly, you should ask your plumber for references, and then follow up on them.

    For reliable residential and commercial plumbing services in Arlington , contact All Plumber, Inc. Call us at (571) 482-7046 to speak with a plumber 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are happy to provide references and testimonials.

  • Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Plumbing Issues?

    While homeowner’s insurance policies vary widely in how much they cover, almost all of them will cover certain types of plumbing issues. All Plumbing, Inc. is committed to helping you get the plumbing services you need, while helping you file the necessary insurance claim to get your plumbing services covered. If you need a plumbing service in Arlington that’s available 24/7, read on to learn more about if and how you can get homeowner’s insurance to cover your plumbing costs.

    Home Insurance

    Sudden and Accidental
    Home insurance policies  almost always cover plumbing leaks that are considered sudden and accidental. This coverage would pay for the repair of a pipe in your home if it suddenly starts leaking. But this particular coverage does not apply to a pipe that has been leaking water over a period of several months or years. With that said, there are some older home insurance policies that cover long-term pipe failure, assuming that you could not have known about the problem until you discovered it.

    Mold Damage
    The degree of coverage varies widely depending on your particular insurance policy. But it is our experience that policies covering leaks of any kind will exclude or seriously limit any damage related to mold. For more information about your specific plan’s terms and coverage, call your agent.

    What Good Leak Coverage Pays For
    If you have excellent leak coverage, your policy will probably cover most of the costs associated with the leak. Typically the cost to tear out the wall, perform mold remediation and water damage repair, and repair the wall and replace tiles will be covered. In fact, one of the only things that won’t be covered is the simple cost of repairing the actual leak.

    To learn more about how homeowner’s insurance may be able to help you pay for your  residential plumbing , contact All Plumbing, Inc. We have served Arlington and the Northern Virginia area for over 30 years. Give us a call at (703) 525-7973 or visit our website for more information.

  • Top Causes of Clogged Drains

    Clogged drains can render your sinks and bathtubs useless; in some cases, they can even contribute to flooding in your bathroom or kitchen. If you notice the early signs of a clogged drain, contact a plumber in Arlington that specializes in drain cleaning to keep your sinks and bathtubs open for business. Fortunately, good habits and basic maintenance is all it takes to prevent clogged drains. Knowing the top causes of clogged drains can also assist you in keeping your drains clear. 

    Beautiful healthy shiny hair texture

    It is not uncommon for hair to build up and clog drains, especially shower drains. If your shower is draining slower than usual, try using a plunger to change the pressure in the pipe to push the hair clog down the drain. If this doesn’t work, schedule a drain cleaning appointment with your local plumbing company.

    Soap Scum and Mineral Buildup
    Soap scum and mineral buildup is another common cause of clogged drains, especially in areas that have hard water. You can  prevent soap scum and mineral buildup  in your pipes by pouring baking soda and boiling water down the drains every few months.

    Certain types of foods can easily get stuck in a drain, especially in kitchen sink drains that don’t use a food catch. Even if you use a garbage disposal, fats, oils, and debris can buildup and cause water to back up in the sink. If your kitchen sink is backed up, contact a plumber right away so you can get back to cooking and cleaning.

    If your drains are clogged,  contact the drain cleaning specialists  at All Plumbing, Inc. We have provided quality plumbing service in Arlington and throughout Northern Virginia for over 30 years. Visit our website to learn more about our drain cleaning services, or call us at (703) 525-7973 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced plumbers. 

  • Updating a Basement Pumping System

    Regardless of whether you use your basement for storage or as an additional living space, basement flooding can be very expensive to repair. One of the best ways to prevent basement flooding is to update your old basement pumping system. Your plumber can install a new sump pump to ensure that water drains out of your basement. For more information on sump pumps and other means of preventing basement flooding, watch this short segment from FOX Toledo.

    To make sure that your basement pumping system is in tip-top shape, schedule an inspection with All Plumbing, Inc. of Arlington. Our plumbers can inspect your home’s entire plumbing system to minimize the risk of basement flooding due to plumbing failure. Contact us online or call us at (703) 525-7973 to schedule your full home plumbing inspection today.