• The Benefits of Copper Water Piping

    copper tubes

    There are many kinds of plumbing piping to choose from today, with PVC, galvanized steel, and PEX being some of the most widely used materials. However, if you’re considering repairing or updating your current plumbing lines , you should think about using copper piping. Along with being incredibly durable, copper piping can last for years. Here are some of the benefits of copper water piping:

    Whether you’re taking a shower or getting a drink, chances are you don’t want bacteria in your water. Fortunately, one of the great benefits of copper piping is that it naturally inhibits the growth of many dangerous kinds of bacteria, such as E. coli. Consequently, after having copper piping installed in your home, you won’t have to worry about getting sick from your tap water.

    For years, plumbers have trusted copper piping for home plumbing systems because it is long-lasting. While various external factors affect how long copper piping lasts , you can typically expect copper piping to stay in great shape for 50 years or longer. As a result, you’ll probably only have to have copper piping installed once in your lifetime.

    Copper piping is also incredibly durable. Because copper is a somewhat flexible metal, it is less likely to snap or break, especially when compared with other piping materials. Additionally, copper is non-corrosive, so it won’t deteriorate over time.

    Easy to Install
    If you have old polybutylene pipes in and around your residence, your plumber can easily install copper piping to replace your old pipe system. Many homeowners choose to have their polybutylene pipes replaced because they are notorious for leaking and may fail without warning. Also, the interior walls of these polybutylene pipes often break down and flake apart, contaminating the water supply. A plumbing professional can come to your house and put in brand-new copper pipes in a short amount of time.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

    Plumbing Service - Kitchen Sink

    Clogged or slow-running drains are problems that befuddle many a homeowner. Fortunately, you can solve most drain problems in just a few minutes using tools likely already available in your household. Remember, if all else fails, it’s always best to call a trusted plumber for a professional job.  

    Watch What You Throw in Your Garbage Disposal

    Garbage disposals are useful for speeding up after-dinner cleanup, but relying too heavily on this common kitchen appliance can lead to nasty grease buildup in your drain. To keep grease and other food byproducts from hindering the flow of your drain, use your garbage disposal only when needed.

    Use a Common Plunger

    Most homeowners associate plungers with toilets, but this common household plumbing tool can also be highly effective in clearing out clogs in sink and bathtub drains. In fact, you should have two plungers for optimal functionality and to avoid cross contamination: one designed for the toilet and the other for the sink. If your drain backs up, a few pumps of a plunger may just do the trick.

    Use a Snake or Pipe Cleaner

    Snakes and pipe cleaners are in every plumber’s tool kit , and they can be useful for homeowner’s too when clearing clogs.

    Call a Professional

    When clogged or slow-running drains prove to be stubbornly persistent, it’s time to call in the professionals. From motorized pipe cleaners to advanced hydro-jetting tools, certified plumbers are equipped with the tools needed to clean out clogs deep in your pipes or down in your sewer line. If your problem stems from grease buildup, the right plumber will be able to perform a full cleaning of your drainpipes.

    If drain problems are giving you trouble, call the professional plumbers at All Plumbing, Inc. Serving Arlington and Northern Virginia, we provide drain cleaning, hydro-jetting , and host of plumbing services to homeowners throughout the region. Call (703) 525-7973 to schedule an appointment.

  • Essential Maintenance and Inspection Procedures to Protect your Home from Water Damage

    Few home maintenance problems are more messy and costly than a sewage backup. When sewer lines become clogged, or when tree roots infiltrate underground pipes, sewage can back up and enter your home through toilets and drains. The resulting mess can damage your property and present a risk to your health.

    To prevent this messy problem, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance from a qualified plumber. You’ll want to have your sewer system inspected at least once a year. If you own a septic system, emptying and cleaning your tank every three years is always a good idea. To learn more, watch this video.

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