A Basic Guide to Trenchless Sewer Pipe Technology

Traditional pipe repair methods required plumbers to dig large trenches in the homeowner’s yard. Thankfully, this destructive plumbing method has been replaced with convenient trenchless repairs. Check out this overview of trenchless sewer pipe repair and learn how the technology can benefit your home.

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  • Convenient Inspections: Trenchless sewer line repair begins with a non-invasive inspection. Your plumber will use video lines to look deep into your sewer line and isolate a problem. In addition to confirming a leak, this technology allows your plumber to pinpoint the location of the leak and avoid wasteful digging. Plus, your plumber can easily clear debris from the leak with powerful hydrojetter technology.
  • Low-Impact Repairs: There are two popular methods of trenchless repair. The first, pipe lining repair, spreads a quick-curing resin inside the pipe. This resin forms a solid lining and acts as the replacement pipe. The other method consists of leading a new, finished pipe through the existing pipe. This process bursts the old pipe from within and lays the new pipe instantaneously.
  • Trenchless Benefits: The main advantage of trenchless sewer repair is the limited impact on your yard. This no-dig process takes less time out of your schedule and reduces the labor time you’ll have to pay to your plumbing company. Trenchless repair is also great for homes with beautiful landscaping. Minimal digging ensures that your garden and lawn will remain unharmed by an underground plumbing repair.

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