• Deconstructed: Inside Your Toilet

    The toilet is one of the most regularly used plumbing fixtures in your home . Toilets are also a common source of plumbing problems. You can learn more about the toilet and how it works by watching this video. You’ll get an up-close look at how toilets use gravity and water pressure to keep waste flowing in the right direction. The video also shows you the inner workings of the average toilet tank.

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  • Common Causes of Residential Sewer Line Problems

    A healthy sewer line is essential to the health of your home plumbing. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with the most common sources of sewer line problems. This information will be helpful for diagnosing the problem and for discussing repairs with your local plumbing service.

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    • Soil Erosion: The weight and movement of soil will eventually cause your pipes to sink. This sunken section of pipe, known as a “bellied” pipe , creates a trap for waste and man-made trash. Bellied pipes should be repaired immediately to prevent further complications.
    • Pipe Damage: Leaks, whether from loose joints or careless digging, are a serious problem for your sewer line. The leaking sewage wastes hundreds of gallons of water and could negatively impact your soil. Even small leaks can lead to serious issues like root intrusion. Over time, the roots that infiltrate small leaks may cause a serious sewer line clog.
    • Debris Buildup: Often, tossed objects, like plastic wrappers, toiletry waste, and paper products, can quickly turn into a full sewer line clogs. Be extra careful to keep these objects out of your sink drains. You should also avoid tossing certain food products down the drain, too. Food grease, for instance, quickly coagulates and solidifies within sewer pipes. It won’t take long before these clogs could cause sewage to backup into your home.
    • Pipe Wear: Older pipes are made from naturally corroding metals. Make sure to schedule a corrosion inspection if your sewer line was installed over 40 years ago. A professional plumber will be able to use a video inspection to search your pipe for visible corrosion wear.

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  • A Basic Guide to Trenchless Sewer Pipe Technology

    Traditional pipe repair methods required plumbers to dig large trenches in the homeowner’s yard. Thankfully, this destructive plumbing method has been replaced with convenient trenchless repairs. Check out this overview of trenchless sewer pipe repair and learn how the technology can benefit your home.

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    • Convenient Inspections: Trenchless sewer line repair begins with a non-invasive inspection. Your plumber will use video lines to look deep into your sewer line and isolate a problem. In addition to confirming a leak, this technology allows your plumber to pinpoint the location of the leak and avoid wasteful digging. Plus, your plumber can easily clear debris from the leak with powerful hydrojetter technology.
    • Low-Impact Repairs: There are two popular methods of trenchless repair. The first, pipe lining repair, spreads a quick-curing resin inside the pipe. This resin forms a solid lining and acts as the replacement pipe. The other method consists of leading a new, finished pipe through the existing pipe. This process bursts the old pipe from within and lays the new pipe instantaneously.
    • Trenchless Benefits: The main advantage of trenchless sewer repair is the limited impact on your yard. This no-dig process takes less time out of your schedule and reduces the labor time you’ll have to pay to your plumbing company. Trenchless repair is also great for homes with beautiful landscaping. Minimal digging ensures that your garden and lawn will remain unharmed by an underground plumbing repair.

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  • What’s Causing Your Water Pressure Problems?

    You may first notice problems with your water pressure in the shower, but it can also affect the performance of your appliances and make other activities that require water frustrating. Keep reading to find out more about the potential causes of the water pressure problem in your Arlington home .

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    • Broken Fixtures: Many water pressure problems are rooted in your plumbing fixtures. For example, shower heads and faucets are commonly clogged with mineral deposits. These obstructions build slowly, but will eventually reduce the noticeable pressure in your bathroom. Pressure problems in one fixture could be related to another broken fixture, too. Be sure to check every fixture in your home for irregularities if you suspect a pressure issue. Routine plumbing inspections will help you to catch early pressure problems, as well.
    • Worn Plumbing: Some water pressure problems are created deep inside the sewer line itself. Galvanized metals, for instance, tend to corrode and build-up solid precipitates. Like clogged showerheads, this mineral scale will eventually lead to low water pressure. Thankfully, a professional plumber can correct this issue using hydrojetter technology to clear pipes of pressure-blocking buildup.
    • Neighborhood Failure: Not all water pressure problems are related to your home’s plumbing. In fact, some water pressure issues can impact your entire neighborhood.  Ask nearby homeowners about their water pressure if you suspect that a city-wide plumbing problem has occurred. You should also contact the local water company for official news releases. Possible causes for these breakdowns include ruptures in the main city line or complications caused by nearby construction. Thankfully, these problems are remedied quickly and at no cost to you.

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