Steer Clear of Dangerous Black Water

Though you may like to perform your own home maintenance and repairs, there are many tasks that are best left to the professionals. A sewer backup, for example, may cause black water to enter into the home. Here’s a brief look at what black water is and why you should alert a professional plumber the minute it invades your home.

Septic system problems

Black Water Basics
Of the three types of water damage, black water damage is by far the most dangerous. Black water is raw sewage and others types of heavily contaminated wastewater. It most often enters homes as a result of floods and sewer backups. A clogged sewer line or full septic tank is usually the cause of a sewer backup. Be sure to contact a professional plumbing service immediately if a sewer backup occurs.

Serious Home Damage
Like clean water, black water can cause thousands of dollars in damage once it enters the home. While the water itself can weaken your home’s building materials, the harmful organisms in black water can be absorbed by your walls and floors, leading to severe contamination. Sometimes, the only way to rid your home of the bacteria and chemicals in black water is to completely replace the affected surfaces. That’s why it’s essential that you call a professional plumber the minute you notice black water coming from your home’s drains.  

Severe Health Risks
Black water also poses a significant threat to your family’s health. The introduction of these biological and chemical pollutants into your home can lead to severe bacterial infections and various forms of chemical poisoning. If black water begins leaking onto your floor, you should immediately leave your home until a plumber can set it right again.

If your Arlington-area home suffers a sewer backup, contact All Plumbing, Inc. right away. Our plumbers have an average of over a decade of experience handling sewer backups, clogged drains, broken water mains, and numerous other plumbing problems. Call us today at (571) 451-2971 if you have any questions about our services.

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