Understanding How Tanked Water Heater Efficiency Suffers Over Time

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Conventional water heaters warm large amounts of water at once and store the heated water in a large tank. Although these systems are still popular, their heating elements and plumbing systems are susceptible to many problems. Here are some ways in which tanked water heater efficiency dwindles over time:

  • Thermal Heat Loss
    Although water heater tanks are well insulated, heat loss is inevitable. Tanked water heaters expend energy to heat a large amount of water that is subsequently stored in a tank. However, that water immediately begins to lose heat. Because your water heater is programmed to keep the water at a certain temperature, it constantly has to put in more energy to counteract thermal heat loss.
  • Sedimentation
    In homes with hard water, conventional water heaters are particularly susceptible to sedimentation. This condition occurs when minerals and sediment from the water become encrusted on the heating element of the water heater. Sedimentation severely compromises your water heater’s ability to heat up water, resulting in a dramatic loss of efficiency that tends to get worse over time. If you live in an area where the water is rich in minerals, your water heater’s life expectancy can be cut short.
  • Aging
    Tanked water heaters undergo immense amounts of stress, as their heating elements often have to operate 24 hours a day just to maintain the set water temperature. Over time, this stress can severely reduce the efficiency of your water heater—which means you will find yourself waiting longer for hot water.

If you have any further questions about how tanked water heater efficiency suffers over time, call All Plumbing, Inc. at (571) 451-2971. Our experienced plumbers can help you determine whether your tanked water heater is suffering from sedimentation. We can also install a tankless water heater to keep your energy costs down!

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