Plumbing and Drain Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

This video features a totally stripped-down bathroom—all we can see are pipes.  The narrator takes us through the plumbing required for a toilet and a shower: The items are connected, and all that’s separating them is a so-called “P trap.” The narrator also talks about changing out some piping that’s no longer up to code.  Because the code has changed, the plumber has to fix it while it’s exposed—however, there is a shortcut.  This particular job doesn’t require that the old pipe be removed, just that it be sealed off.  Once the old piping is hidden behind new drywall, the narrator notes, “no one will ever know it was ever there.”


As interesting as it may be to learn a little about plumbing, it isn’t really the sort of home repair that a layperson should perform.  After all, if things go wrong, your house can become really unsanitary really quickly. 


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