• 4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Pipes so They Take Care of You

    Kitchen sink

    Plumbing repairs are usually the most dreaded of all home repairs, probably because they’re so often preceded by noxious odors and substances.  The best way to avoid the pain and sorrow of replacing your sewer line—to name just one example—is to take excellent care of your pipes.  Because you can see so little of your pipes, though, our advice concerns the part of your plumbing that’s easily viewed: your drains.

     1. Inspect your drains.

    The best way to take care of your pipes is to make sure that they’re as free of debris as possible: To that end, you’re going to have to inspect your drains.  You probably won’t be able to see very far down the pipe, but you usually don’t have to; as long as you visually check the area nearest the drain for material, you’ll be fine.

     2. Trap your drains.

    Cleaning out clogs is no fun; being forced to call in a plumber because a simple clog has morphed into something worse is even less fun.  To avoid both scenarios, you need to make sure that your drains are well-guarded so that your pipes remain well-protected.  Buy a guard for every shower, and find one for the kitchen sink, too: They look like tiny spaghetti strainers and will catch food while you’re doing the dishes.

     3. Don’t poison your drains.

    Many people are under the mistaken impression that every clog can be cured with enough chemical drain cleaner.  Try to avoid those cleaners as much as possible; either they’re ineffective and a waste of money , or they’re too effective and will damage your pipes.

     4. Clean your drains.

    You should be cleaning your kitchen drain at least once a week, your bathroom drains every time you clean your shower (about once a week, we hope), and your basement drains roughly every three months.  As we said before, don’t use chemical drain cleaners.  Instead, manually remove whatever you can and then run a combination of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda down the drain.


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  • How To Unclog A Toilet

    At All Plumbing Inc we  know there’s almost nothing worse than having a clogged toilet at your house– especially if it’s overflowing. Luckily, many clogs can be fixed in a snap, just watch this video to find out how.  

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  • What To Do If You Drop A Valuable Down The Sink

    At All Plumbing Inc we know accidents happen. One of the most common sink accidents is dropping a ring or other valuable item down the drain. If this happens to you don’t panic. Turn off the water immediately and follow these simple instructions to retrieve your lost valuable! 

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  • Hydro-Jetting VS. Cable Cleaning

    The Hydro-Jet we use at All Plumbing Inc  uses 4000 PSI of high-stream water pressure to instantly blast away build-up of leaves, tree roots, powdered detergents and years of debris that can clog up to 100 feet or more of your sewer line. We use this powerful piece of equipment because we know traditional snaking will only puncture the build-up, causing the problem to reoccur within months

    Watch this video brought to you by The Drain Team in Tampa Florida to see the difference between cable cleaning and Hydro-Jetting


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  • All Plumbing Inc Presents Super Hydro-Jetting

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    Superjet Hydrojetting – The chicken sandwich.


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