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Helpful Tips: How To Unclog A Sink

Most of the clogging that occurs in a sink drain happens right within the pipes in the room. This means that the clog is typically located between the drain and where the pipes exit the building. When this is the case, there are a few simple ways that you can unclog your kitchen or bathroom sink.

In this ExpertVillage video, a professional shows you how to unclog a sink yourself, walking you through the various ways to treat the problem. Learn different methods for eliminating a blockage, from the easiest to the most invasive. If the clog in your sink drain is too difficult for you to remove by yourself, then contact the professionals at All Plumbing Inc. in Arlington, VA.

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3 Reasons You Should Install A Sprinkler System in Your Yard

Flower Sprinkler Action

Your Saturday mornings should not be spent watering the lawn. Instead, enlist the help of a sprinkler system! This automated plumbing will save water, give your lawn an even watering, and increase your home value. Here are three key reasons you should hire a plumbing service to install a sprinkler system in your yard:

1. Simplicity

Instead of taking time out of your day to water the lawn, bushes, or trees, sprinkler plumbing is automated to take care of that for you. The sprinkler system will follow a preset timetable for when the watering needs to occur, which can easily be adjusted or halted during the rainy season in Arlington. 

2. Efficiency

A sprinkler system will ensure that you are not missing any spots or wasting any water. As the water is sprayed into the air, it is spread out and dispersed more evenly over your grass or shrubs. With strategically-placed sprinkler plumbing, you can ensure that your lawn is evenly watered for the liveliest green in your Arlington neighborhood. Sprinklers can also conserve water by eliminating the risk of overwatering.

3. Curb Appeal

Sprinkler plumbing will improve the appearance of your home from the street. Even if your home is not on the market, a sprinkler system could certainly increase your property value by enabling you to have a presentable lawn and attractive landscaping.

If you want to add a sprinkler system to your lawn or landscaping, then call the professionals at All Plumbing, Inc. in Arlington, VA. Our plumbers are expertly trained in a wide array of plumbing services, including sprinkler system installation, water main repair, hydrojetting, and drain cleaning.

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4 Signs That You Can Trust Your Plumber

Woman Mopping Up Leaking Sink On Phone To Plumber

Plumbing failures always occur at the worst possible time. When they happen, it is important that you can call on a reliable plumbing service to quickly fix the problem. Here are four signs that you can trust your plumber:

1. Licensed, Certified, and Bonded

A qualified plumber should be certified and licensed to work on the plumbing in your home. This means that he has received the education and learned the skills necessary to complete the job effectively. Your plumber should also be bonded or insured. That way, in the event that something in your plumbing malfunctions or breaks while the plumber is working on it, you are not held financially responsible for the damages.

2. Guaranteed Satisfaction

Any Arlington plumbing company that can’t guarantee service doesn’t have confidence in the quality of its work. A reputable plumber will exude confidence in his craft and be able to guarantee that plumbing repairs will last. 

3. Accurate Estimates

Not only will a good plumbing service be able to estimate the cost upfront, but workers should also be able to accurately estimate the time the job will take. As a paying customer, you should know the estimated total cost, the price of the necessary plumbing materials, and the time it will take to complete before any work is actually done.

4.References and Testimonials

A dependable plumbing service will be able to provide testimonials, references, and perhaps even a portfolio of past work. The experiences of other customers will give you an accurate picture of whether the plumbing service can provide proven work.

 If you’re searching for a quality plumber in the Arlington area, call (571) 451-2971 and speak with the professionals at All Plumbing, Inc. Our expert plumbers are specially trained in drain cleaningwater main repair or replacement, as well as hydrojetting.


Conserving Water has never been easier.Eco-Friendly Toilets!

In the average household for a family of 4, a single toilet is flushed approximately 10-20 flushes times per day. A single flush from a conventional toilet uses about 1.6 gallons of water and another 1.6 gallons to fill up the tank for the next use. The average home owner is unaware that they're utilizing over 40 gallons of water a day. It's not uncommon to have a toilet model that uses 5-7 gallons per flush.

More and more home owners are making the switch from the old conventional toilets to the dual flush toilets or ultra-low flush toilets(1.6 gallons per use). These toilets are great alternative for being both eco-friendly and cost effective. They are great investment for saving you money in the future.

call us today for more information about water saving toilets and their brands.


Helpful Video: How To Replace A Sink Drain

If your bathroom sink is continuously clogged, then it may be time to replace your sink drain. It will enable the free flow of water from your faucet to designated pipes without drain water accumulating in your sink or on your floor.

In this video from Expert Village, an industry professional teaches you how to properly replace a sink drain. Learn the various parts of a sink drain as well as their specific purposes and how to replace each part. If you need a little more help with this process, then contact the professionals at All Plumbing, Inc. We specialize in drain cleaning, hydrojetting, and water line repair or replacement, so call (571) 451-2971 today!

Unruly Roots: How Tree Roots Can Do Serious Damage to Your Plumbing System

Beech tree roots

Tree roots can do incredible amount of damage to your underground plumbing. This is a serious problem in Arlington—if you allow the roots to continue to grow into your piping you may have to replace entire plumbing system. An easy solution is to have a professional plumber check your plumbing annually to ensure that you are not a victim of this type of plumbing damage.

How It Happens

Trees that are near your home grow roots that will naturally seek out the nearest water sources, making no exceptions for your plumbing. The tree’s small “feeler” roots will find any cracks or holes in your pipes and work their way inside. Once they gain access to your plumbing, roots can expand to immense sizes as they enjoy the unlimited food supply. At first this can cause periodic clogging, but can eventually grow into a serious blockage and ruptue the pipes, requiring water main repair.

How to Solve It

Though there are a few methods of prevention and other various ways to solve the problem, if a tree decides to break into your home plumbing, there is not much you can do aside from hiring a plumber to provide drain cleaning services. One highly effective method of removing roots is called hydrojetting, a process in which the plumber uses high-pressure water to remove blockages. This method works for most plumbing obstructions, including roots and leaves.

If you’re searching for a plumber in the greater Arlington area, contact the professionals at All Plumbing, Inc. We specialize in hydrojetting, drain cleaning services, and water main repair or replacement. Our experts can help you solve all of your plumbing problems, so call (571) 451-2971 today to schedule an appointment.






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