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Renovating Your Bathroom? 3 Tips to Avoid Beginner's Mistakes


When renovating your bathroom, it’s important to take the time to precisely plan everything out. This includes the plumbing attached to your new fixtures and appliances. Sometimes plumbing work can seem obvious, but many people make costly mistakes that can be avoided by consulting a plumber beforehand. Below are three tips to help you avoid beginner’s mistakes.


  • Plan Everything in Detail: If you’re designing the new bathroom on your own, be sure to take the time to be precise. Everything should be measured and planned.  Don't settle for a general idea, such as, “I want the bathtub at the end of the room.” Since you’ll often be working with the existing pipes and plumbing systems, it’s important to mesh your current plumbing plan with your proposed arrangement. Major plumbing rearrangements are possible, but they will be more expensive than finding an elegant solution within your current capabilities.


  • Professional Installation Will Pay Off: Selecting the fixtures, sinks, or tubs you want is one of the most enjoyable parts of remodeling a bathroom, but you should have a professional do the actual installation. If you decide to do installation on your own and make a slight mistake, resulting faults or leaks can be very costly as you try to fix the problem.  Professionals, however, are unlikely to make mistakes and are obligated to fix an issue should one arise.


  • Don’t Forget About Ventilation: Many people forget about ventilation when planning their bathroom redesign. But, without the right ventilation, you will likely be plagued by mold growth and mildew.


Fortunately, there are professionals that can help with your bathroom renovations. The plumbing experts at All Plumbing, Inc. bring experience and precision to bathroom renovations in Arlington, Virginia and the surrounding areas. We’ll make sure your plumbing is done right so that you won’t be plagued with plumbing issues when your renovation is complete.  To learn more, give us a call at (571) 451-2971.

All-Natural Drain Cleaning and Unclogging Solutions

drain with water

Drains can become clogged for several reasons. Sometimes, unclogging a blocked drain is a difficult and involved process that requires professional tools and expertise. Other times, simple and natural methods can get the job done. Here are a few ideas for all-natural, non-toxic, drain cleaning solutions:


  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: There are many ways to avoid using harsh chemicals for your drain cleaning.  By using a solution made of natural ingredients and gentle cleansers, you can thoroughly clean out your drain without introducing substances that can potentially harm your pipes. One popular technique is to mix baking soda and vinegar. First, pour dry baking soda down your drain (try ¾ a cup to start). Then, pour about half a cup of vinegar down the drain and immediately cover the drain opening. The baking soda and vinegar combination creates foam that will churn around in the drain, forcing out obstructions. After 30 minutes, pour hot (not boiling) water down the drain to clear out any remnants.


  • Natural Enzyme Cleaners: Another option is using natural biological enzymes as a drain cleaning agent. This performs a similar function to acid or lye, but it does not actually “burn” away material, making it much more gentle on both your pipes and the environment. You can often find bacteria-based enzyme cleaners at health food stores.


If these all-natural attempts don’t work to clean your drain, you may need to contact a plumbing service for assistance. In some cases, a blocked drain is actually a more serious problem with your sewer line. All Plumbing, Inc. can come to your home and investigate the true source of your blockage, and clear it out. To learn more about our expert drain cleaning services in Arlington, visit our website or call us at (571) 451-2971.

Dealing With A Home Gas Line? Don't Tempt Fate—Call A Plumber

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Most think that plumbers exist only to clear drains and fix water mains. Contrary to popular belief, plumbers also have expertise in dealing with home gas lines. If you're dealing with a home gas line, then you will always want to call a plumber. Whether you're thinking of installing or extending a line, or if you think your gas line might be leaking, don't hesitate to call. 

Natural gas poses potential health dangers. In nature, natural gases are colorless and odorless.  For our safety, suppliers have added a foul-smelling scent (called a bitterant) to your gas, so you can easily tell if you have a gas leak. Here are just a few reasons why you should call a plumber if you're dealing with a home gas line.



Natural gases are both extremely useful and deadly.  At the right levels, these gases are quite toxic. In general, gases are one of the safest and cleanest fossil fuels available, but if you spring a leak, then call a professional plumber right away to restore safety to your home.



Installation or extension of a gas pipeline is not only complicated, it also needs to be done perfectly. Installing a new gas line requires extensive knowledge of both gas tendencies and the different types of piping.  If done to the wrong specifications, gas lines can be dangerous.


Permits and Rules

You also need to have thorough knowledge of plumbing and mechanical codes to lay down pipe. Not only do you need the proper building permits in order to start constructing a line, you need to be familiar with how your utility company can work with your pipes.


If you need to hire a plumber to do work on your home’s gas lines, then contact us at All Plumbing Inc. We also specialize in drain cleaning, hydrojetting, and water main services. Call us at (571) 451-2971 and find out how our plumbers can help.

What Is A Vent Pipe And What Does It Do?

A vent pipe is essential in every home. A vent pipe is that small, stubby pipe that sticks out through your roof. To find out what it does, watch this video.

In this video, our host explores the attic to show you a tiny pipe that is connected to your plumbing vent system. In the various drains around the home, a lot of air is used to in the flushing process. The vent pipe allows that air to travel out of your plumbing and into the air. If something happens to your vent pipe, your whole indoor plumbing system could be at risk!

To learn more about your indoor plumbing, visit us at All Plumbing Inc.  Call us at (571) 451-2971 and find out how we can help you.


A Professional Plumber's Tools Of The Trade

plumbing tools

Professional plumbers are versatile tradesman that can do everything from drain cleaning to water main repair. Maybe you've called a professional plumber yourself, but what kinds of tools do they use? In this segment of our blog, we take a look at the different types of tools in a plumber's toolbox and how each is essential to a home’s healthy plumbing.


Basic Tools

Of course, every plumber has basic tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, tape measures, and hammers. These kinds of tools are absolutely essential to the plumber and should be found in every household. If your plumber doesn't have these on hand, then you should not trust them to work on your fixtures and appliances.


Propane Torch

Propane torches can be used to sweat copper pipe and fittings, which is essential for fixing broken pipes. The torch ignites at a squeeze of the trigger, and plumbers often find them much more convenient than strikers or matches.


Fire-Resistant Cloth

If your plumber wants to do work with his propane torch, then he'll also need fire-resistant cloth to protect the surrounding materials. After all, you don't want a plumber to accidentally burn furniture while trying to sweat copper pipes.


Hand Augur

Also known as a plumber's snake, this can reach down into your drains and clear any blockages. It's more environmentally friendly than drain-clearing chemicals and it can help when a plunger proves ineffective.


Hacksaw and Metal File

For plumbers cutting through pipe, hacksaws are an obvious must. Metal files are also necessary, to make sure that the edges of the pipe are smooth and fit properly into other pipes as needed.


For more information on what kinds of tools plumbers carry in their toolbox, visit us at All Plumbing Inc. Located in Arlington, we do drain cleaning, water main repair, and much more. When a plumbing emergency surfaces, simply call us at (571) 451-2971 and let us handle the rest!


Common Signs Of A Failing Sump Pump

If you live in an area with heavy rainfall and you store valuables in your basement, you may want to consider getting a sump pump. If you already have one, you'll want to make sure it is in working order at all times. Sump pumps can potentially save you from thousands of dollars of water damage, but only if they're working during an emergency. Here are a few common signs of a failing sump pump, and what you can do to fix them.



This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your sump pump isn't working. If your basement is experiencing any kind of flooding, your sump pump isn't working properly and needs to be checked out by a plumber immediately. Pump failure can occur if too much debris gets into the sump pump or if the pump has floated up against a wall, causing some of its mechanisms to fail.


Odd Noises

If your sump pump is making strange noises be sure to make a visual inspection. Strange noises may indicate that the sump pump is being blocked by a lot of sludge or debris. Otherwise, odd noises may indicate pipe blockages.


No Outside Water Discharge

Sump pumps divert water from around your home to a far off location. If your sump pump's pipes are blocked, or if the sump pump is just not working, the water won't be diverted properly.


Sump pumps are most useful during emergencies.  If a pump fails, your valuables are at risk and your home may be subject to water damage and mold growth.  To ensure that your home doesn’t become partially submerged, have a plumber inspect your sump pump annually.


If you need to hire a plumber, then contact us at All Plumbing Inc. Located in Arlington, we specialize in drain cleaning, hydrojetting, and other general plumbing services. Call us at (571) 451-2971 and find out how our plumbers can help you, today!


Save Energy With A Water Heater

Water heaters are absolutely essential for modern living.  Can you imagine what a cold winter would be like without a hot shower?  However, our modern living comes with a cost, usually in the form of energy bills.

This video provides us with various tips to save energy. You can insulate your hot water pipes to make sure that heat doesn't escape. Also, be sure to repair any leaking pipes or faucets immediately in order to avoid heightened water bills.

For more tips on how to make your home energy efficient, visit us at All Plumbing Inc. Call us at (571) 451-2971 to learn more about how we can help you!


The Value Of Monitoring Water Usage

Piggy bank with tap

Being water-conscious in your home will not only save you money in the long run, it will also contribute to the ongoing efforts to save the environment. Monitoring your water usage doesn't have to be complicated: You don't have to buy new meters or buy individual water monitors to find out how much water each tap is using. You may not even need to call a plumbing service for help. Oftentimes, simply checking your water bill or looking for leaks is enough. Here are a few tips for monitoring your home’s water usage.


Water Bills

Perhaps the best way to monitor your water usage is to keep track of and note changes in water bills. Each month, take a moment to reflect on any abnormal water expenditures (such as filling up an above-ground pool) and think about what you can cut out to conserve. Monitoring water bills can also help you find leaks. If your water bill is more expensive than normal, you may have a leaky pipe or faucet somewhere in your home.


Find Leaks

Even small drips can lead to big increases in water bills over time. Check your pipes and faucets periodically, but don't forget to check outdoor hoses, sprinklers, and spigots. A leaky fixture may been that it’s time to have your interior plumbing inspected.


Monitor Everyday Activities

Use only the water that you need. Try not to let faucets or sprinklers run unnecessarily. Turning off the water while you brush your teeth or shave are small changes that can add up to large savings in the long term.


Watch Your Appliances

You can save money and water by making sure to only run full loads. Only run the dishwasher when it's full and don't wash your clothes unless you're doing a big batch.


For more tips on how to monitor your water usage, contact us at All Plumbing, Inc. Located in Arlington, Virginia, we provide drain cleaning, hydrojetting, and water main repair, as well as services to combat everyday plumbing emergencies. Call us at (571) 451-2971 and find out how our plumbers can help you!


Got Leaky Plumbing? Need A New Water Heater? Desperate For A Quality Plumbing Service In Arlington, Virginia? You're In Luck!


What are some consequences of leaky plumbing? What should you look for when choosing a new water heater? What should you do in case of a plumbing emergency? If you're looking for the answer to these, or any other plumbing questions, use the links below:


  • The Service Authority for Prince William County has a quick overview on leak detection and how leaky faucets and toilets can increase your water bill.


  • Water leaks can also cause mold, mildew, and musty odors. Check out this link from Energy Star to find out how mold grows and how to prevent it.


  • TheDay.com has an article on the worst case scenario for plumbing leaks. A plumbing leak in New London caused a roof to collapse, leaving 22 people displaced.


  • For information on how to choose a new water heater, including the different types of fuel sources and sizes of water tanks, check out this article from HowStuffWorks.com.


  • The college of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia has more information on the different types of water heaters, including how to find out which water heater is most energy efficient for you.


The Next Time You're In Need Of A Quality Plumbing Service In The Arlington, VA Area Remember All Plumbing Inc. Give Us A Call At (571) 451-2971 To Find Out More About Hydrojetting, Drain Cleaning, Water Main Repair And So Much More!

Looking For A New Water Heater?

Residential Water Heater

Not only should you make sure that your plumbing is working properly, you should also make sure that your water heater is up to date. Because you will only have to choose a new water heater every 10 or 15 years, you should carefully evaluate and research your options so you can choose one that best fits your needs. Water heaters use 15 to 25 percent of a home’s energy, so finding an efficient and effective unit is very important. Here are a few factors to consider before buying a new water heater.


Should you go tankless?

Conventional water heaters may not be the most efficient water heater you can buy. They use a lot of energy because they keep a large tank of water hot at all times. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, save energy by only heating water as you need it. Tankless water heaters are more expensive than conventional water heaters initially, but the monthly savings they provide will quickly make up for the difference.


What fuel source should I use?

Most water heaters will use electricity or natural gas to heat the water. Electric water heaters are not as efficient as other fuel sources, but they cost less to purchase. Natural gas, on the other hand, is more efficient, but more expensive. Solar water heaters can be used in conjunction with more conventional fuel sources, and can help cut costs on your energy bill by harnessing the sun’s energy.


How much storage do I need?

Depending on how many people live in your home, you may need a larger water tank. For two people, we recommend a 45-55 gallon tank. For 6 people, we recommend 85-100 gallons.


To learn more about how to find the proper water heater for your needs, visit us at All Plumbing Inc or call us at (571) 451-2971. We’re the plumbers that Arlington trusts will of their hydrojetting, water main repair, and general plumbing needs!


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