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Should You Choose a Tankless or Conventional Water Heater?

Conventional water heaters were once the obvious choice, but the tankless option has been making waves. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, think about how they differ in terms of efficiency, space, and versatility. Keep reading and see if you should choose a tankless or conventional water heater for your home’s plumbing needs.


Whether you’re dealing with HVAC equipment, lighting, or plumbing appliances, efficiency is important for your home or business place. Efficiency is one of the big factors that differentiates tankless and conventional water heaters. Conventional water heaters come with tanks that hold and heat water until you need it for your dishwasher, shower, or sink. Tankless water heaters heat your water on the spot. When you have a basin of hot water that’s waiting to be used, you’ll deal with standby heat loss and a loss of efficiency. Since tankless heaters don’t operate this way, they tend to be the more efficient option.


Tankless water heaters are better at conserving space than conventional units for the same reason that they’re more efficient: They don’t have a tank. You need adequate room to install a conventional heater, whereas you might not need much room at all for your tankless unit. Think about the size of your space. If you’ve got plenty of room to spare, then you should be fine with a conventional water heater in terms of space. If you don’t have the room or you want to keep things neat and open, tankless might be the way to go.


Conventional water heaters can heat multiple appliances, but tankless heaters come in different configurations. You can choose a model that heats your whole house or one that only works for certain appliances. Most models will give you a range of options in terms of where you can put them, as well.

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