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Taking Care of Plumbing in the Winter

The winter months can be a tough time for your home’s plumbing system. When freezing temperatures and major storms hit your area, your pipes, water heater, and other plumbing units may experience excess wear and tear. To avoid a burst pipe or other winter plumbing emergency, you will want to take the time to perform seasonal plumbing maintenance for your home. Read on to review some essential winter plumbing maintenance tips.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

Any pipes that are exposed to outdoor temperatures could be at risk of freezing during the winter months. When water freezes and expands in a pipe, the walls of the pipe may end up bursting. Insulating exposed pipes is an effective strategy for preventing major plumbing leaks that are caused by freezing temperatures.

Maintain Your Water Heater

During the winter season, you will use hot water for many tasks and chores around the home. To take care of your plumbing this winter, you may want to hire a plumber to provide you with seasonal maintenance for your water. Your plumber can check your water heater’s heating elements and make sure that it is operating efficiently. It may also be necessary to add extra insulation to your water heater during the winter.

Turn Off Outdoor Fixtures

Outdoor fixtures can be particularly vulnerable to winter weather conditions. In order to make sure that your plumbing does not become damaged during the winter season, you may want to turn off the water source to any plumbing fixtures that are located on the exterior or your home. Taking the time to shut off your outdoor water supply will help you to avoid a plumbing emergency this winter.

If you are in need of plumbing services this winter, be sure to get in touch with All Plumbing Inc. We offer top quality plumbing services in Arlington, and we can help you make sure that you are protected from a water main break during the winter season. Give us a call at (703) 525-7973 to schedule professional plumbing services today.


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