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FAQs About Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Your garbage disposal needs regular care, which includes using it properly. Some people run into plumbing problems because the water they use isn’t at the right temperature, while others experience clogs because they put in the wrong kinds of materials. There’s always someone who can help you, so read ahead for FAQs about garbage disposal maintenance.

Should I use cold or hot water?

When you run the water as you use your garbage disposal, you need to pay attention to the temperature. Cold water is best for your unit’s efficiency, and hot water can cause problems for your plumbing system. The problem deals with the food products that are already in your pipes. If you run hot water down the disposal, it will melt fats that you’re grinding. This sounds like it might be helpful, but it can make plumbing problems much worse. Hot water moves the fats down the drain, but the melted food debris will ultimately build up in your plumbing system. This leads to clogs, obstructions, and a call to your plumber.

Why is my disposal malfunctioning?

In many cases, garbage disposals malfunction because they aren’t being used properly. The best type of maintenance is preventative maintenance, and part of this is knowing what you shouldn’t put in your disposal. Small food scraps that can easily be broken down are the best candidate. Bones, large chunks of foods, and grease are all potential hazards to your disposal and your plumbing system.

Who can help me with maintenance?

If you find that you’re having trouble caring for your garbage disposal and you’re not sure what to do differently, you can always call the professionals. Your plumber can check your pipes for obstructions and test your garbage disposal to make sure it’s working properly. When in doubt, call your specialist.

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