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Signs of a Sewage Pipe Leak

A sewage pipe leak poses structural problems and health hazards to occupants of the home or business affected by a leak. By detecting a leak as early as possible and contacting a plumbing service professional in a timely manner, you can mitigate these problems, sparing yourself considerable time and hassle. To familiarize yourself with the common signs of a leaky sewage pipe so that you can spot problems early on, keep reading.


Unpleasant Smells
The most prominent sign of a sewage pipe leak is the sudden presence of unpleasant smells coming from one or more of your plumbing fixtures. In addition to having an unpalatable smell, sewer gas can induce nausea and poses other health risks. Contact a plumber at the first sign that your home is being infiltrated with sewer gas.

Rocking Toilet
If your toilet rocks from side to side when you sit down on it, it is possible that leakage is taking place around from underneath the toilet bowl. Water pooling up around the base is a sure sign of leakage, especially if it is accompanied by foul smells.

Water Collecting Under Sink
If you hear water leaking in the cabinet below a sink or smell the stench of raw sewage coming from somewhere in your bathroom or kitchen, carefully check for a plumbing leak. A broken P-trap indicates that contaminated wastewater and sewer gas are leaking into your home.

Due to freezes and more intensive use of water heating systems, sewage pipe leaks are fairly common in the winter and early spring. If foul smells or mystery puddles have warned you that your home’s sewage infrastructure is cracked and leaking, contact an experienced plumbing professional in your area. For efficient and satisfactory service from a reputable plumber serving home and business owners throughout Arlington and the vicinity, call All Plumbing, Inc. at (703) 525-7973 or visit us on the Web. 

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