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How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Performing at Its Best

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Your garbage disposal is responsible for keeping your sink working by eliminating food waste. It also helps prevent plumbing problems like clogs. However, this function makes your disposal susceptible to damage! Here are some ways to keep your garbage disposal performing at its best:

  • Keep Fibrous Foods Out of the Garbage Disposal
    One of the main reasons for garbage disposal malfunction is exposure to high-fiber foods. Foods that are high in fiber generally cannot be properly shredded, which means that fragments can become stuck in the garbage disposal as well as in your drains. Fibrous vegetables are particularly bad for garbage disposals, as are corn husks, potato peels, and coffee grounds. When it comes to fibrous materials, it’s better to simply throw them away. This will extend the life of your garbage disposal and ensure that your sink’s drain remains unclogged.
  • Only Insert Small Chunks
    If you’re going to dump food scraps in your sink, it’s important to ensure that the pieces are sufficiently small. Running large scraps of food through your garbage disposal can cause damage to the appliance and result in serious clogs. Put larger pieces of food in the garbage before placing your dishes in the sink to avoid causing damage to your garbage disposal.
  • Run Cold Water Through the Garbage Disposal
    When you run food particles through your garbage disposal, small pieces can often get lodged inside. For this reason, it’s important to run a cold stream of water through the garbage disposal during and after its operation. The water will help remove any remaining particles, thereby preventing clogs and ensuring that the garbage disposal continues to work properly.

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