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Keeping up with plumbing maintenance is important to making your home comfortable and safe. If you think your plumbing may require special attention, check out these online resources that’ll help you identify some plumbing problem areas!

  •  Need a quick fix to keep your pipes from leaking until the plumber arrives? Check out this page from eHow for a variety of solutions that will keep your pipes nice and dry.
  •  While they can be quite a nuisance, dripping faucets are actually really easy to fix. This page from Pinellas County, Florida will show you how to disassemble your sink and replace the suspect part. If the problem persists, then call us at All Plumbing Inc. immediately.
  •  Did you know that even the slightest leak or drip can have huge environmental consequences? Check out this post from The Good Human about the impact that a small faucet drip can have on the environment!
  •  Are you considering hydro-jetting to clear sewer lines or pipes at your home or business? Check out this great video from JR Grease Service that demonstrates the effectiveness and power of hydro-jetting. You’ll be amazed how much they can push out of these pipes!
  •  Think your sewer line may be backed up? Check out this article from Articlespan about how you can tell if your sewer lines are backed up and what could happen if you don’t clear them right away!
  •  Think your water heater may be on its way out? Only a plumbing expert will know for sure, but here are some issues to look out for from Water Heater Rescue to make sure you and your water heater stays safe.
  •  Learning how to take care of basic safety concerns regarding your water heater is extremely important to keeping your water heater from becoming a danger to you and your family. Here’s a great article from This Old House about basic water heater precautions that you should know.
  •  Want to see what can happen if you leave your water heater to disrepair? This video from How Stuff Works features a clip from Discovery Channel show MythBusters, in which they test the explosive capacity of water heaters!
  •  Want to learn more about how your sump pump works? Check out this great article from eHow for tips on where to find more information about your specific model. 

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